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"2" anti-corruption storm "playing" the ghost animal   Louis Koo second smaller black people.com.cn entertainment channel, people.com.cn evening of August 23rd, known as the month fox love uncle Ren "friends in B station upload a" Refusal "pornography funny kichiku MV, a debut point after the hurricane hit rate, heat of continuous fermentation, a time to become micro-blog, WeChat and other platform of the most heated debate funny video. In video will be found, the MV chose the movie "Trailer picture 2" anti-corruption storm has been released as the elements, with the popular national "KTV" in the divine comedy to pornography, kichiku form the interpretation of the film classic lines and starring Louis Koo magic of laughter, created a surprise comedy, a impressive. After the spread of netizens have said: has been brainwashed, completely unable to stop!" Even more surprising is that the month fox favorite uncle Julian Cheung is a loyal fan of Louis Koo and. And talent with their creative idol fans work hard crying, the heart touching and admiration. That will be released in September 15th of the "anti-corruption Storm 2" will put their own wonderful back to the fans and viewers more. Funny kichiku MV "pornography" the national comedy refused to be "brainwashed" screaming "magic too!" The movie "anti-corruption Storm 2" kichiku MV full "Refusal" brainwashed Divine Comedy pornography as the background, the opening is Julian Cheung Louis Koo’s trial screen tension. However, different from the past, male gods. Follow the rhythm of the music, "rap" and repeated kichiku to create a comic effect, even the ICAC investigation, to disclose "have a different kind of funny charm. After starring in order to funny effects debut, "blind" Sunglasses "black eye’s adorable" fluttering hair Shanhaiguan Yang Guo "and" his twisted face "and other elements of the eye, very happy feeling, popular kichiku the Jacky Cheung expression package also hilarious on-line, staged" refused to yellow "funny drama. "Chewing chewing chewing yellow, drugs, pornography" offbeat interpretation and brainwashing also give fresh tone, and finally move up through the second half Louis Koo "ha ha ha ha ha" the magic of laughter is mad poke the audience bursting point, make friends laugh, call stand! The video on-line quickly attracted the attention of netizens, traffic soared, full screen barrage in said "ha ha" look too magic "magic startled!" "6666666" "Louis Koo’s laughter is too evil!" "Gu Xian good law!". After that, the heat quickly swept micro-blog, circle of friends and other audience positions, attracted more attention of ordinary viewers. After watching the video, we have forwarded comments to express themselves have been brainwashed and run with the mood. "If you haven’t been brainwashed to find me!" "Give me back my immortal CP!" "233333 I was brainwashed??". There are a lot of large V level bloggers support support, convey the love. "Louis Koo laugh too evil ha ha ha ha ha ha!" "Louis Koo is a small black eyed adorable?" I think Louis Koo and Julian Cheung CP feel very strong ah!" There are people complain: "Oh boy you are)相关的主题文章:

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