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Huzhou Anji 38 thousand acres of forest beauty color over the autumn season, Huzhou Anji County Town Village Yu Yinshan Park showing the different kind of scenery: tall soapnut tree leaves turn yellow, the mountain withered grasses, from afar, the mountain seems to be splashed with red ochre. A closer look, grass is dark green tea, under the grass also a green grass. "This is the first half of next." Anji County Forestry Bureau of Forestry Technology Promotion Center Deputy Director Tang Hui said, the only way which must be passed this piece of mountain is located in Tianhuangping tourism, only the original tea, the landscape is not beautiful, so precious in the color forest construction in the first half resow color trees, are now showing color effect. Here is not only in the village, more than the county on both sides of the road, ring road, Hangzhou Expressway and other places, in the rare color forest construction started last year, has planted ginkgo, etc. various kinds of color species for Mount Huangshan, in the green mountains and rivers with warm colors, colorful forest landscape for local people and tourists. According to reports, around the Tianhuangping regional comprehensive promotion and Huangpu River source boutique tourist zone, two years has been the construction of about 38 thousand acres of forest of rare color. According to the Anji county "13th Five-Year" plan, rare color forest construction focus on building "one ring" delivery shop Ring Road, "two lines" and 04, Hangzhou high speed along the highway 11 along the line, "three pieces" that ring the tourist resort area, Lingfeng Longwang mountain tourism area, Beacon Hill leisure area, the "four zone" the Huangpu River source, China sea, Chang Shuo’s hometown, white tea fragrance four boutique tourist zone. In the precious color forest construction, Anji County Forestry Bureau to seize the psychological response of color, focus on the use of color and beautiful scenery, yellow, orange and purple red and white line combination, not only the construction of a forest community, and through the rational collocation of color to create a rich and colorful, pleasant, shook the soul of the landscape effect. "All planning according to the construction area location, status and characteristics of forest landscape to the design and implementation of." Lin Technology Promotion Center Director Zhu Weirong said, for more clearing forests, poor regeneration, take direct planting broadleaf trees to transform the way; for the status quo conditions are better, but the forest form single, lack of color, in the glade planting deciduous trees, abundant landscape level of pure bamboo forest; and tea is pure forest, planting tree species, early spring and late autumn landscape effect increased. "Five years to complete the 180 thousand acres of rare color forest construction plan, the next will be planning the construction of 140 thousand acres." Zhu Weirong, now the weather is suitable to carry out tree planting activities, planting has begun on a small scale color species.

湖州安吉3.8万亩彩色森林美翻了 深秋时节,湖州安吉县天荒坪镇余村村银山公园显现出别样景致:高大的无患子等树种叶子变成金黄,山上野草枯黄,远远看去,山体似乎被泼上了赭色。走近一看,枯草中是墨绿色的茶叶,枯草下还种有青绿色的草。“这都是上半年种下的。”安吉县林业局林技推广中心副主任唐辉介绍说,这片山位于天荒坪旅游的必经之路,原来只有茶叶,景观上非常不美观,所以在上半年的珍贵彩色森林建设中补种彩色树种,现在已经显示出色彩效果。不仅是这里,在余村村的道路两边、县城绕城南路、杭长高速沿线等地,在去年启动的珍贵彩色森林建设中,已经补种了银杏、黄山栾树等各种彩色树种,在青山绿水中点缀暖色调,为当地百姓和外来游客呈现多彩的森林景观。据介绍,围绕天荒坪区域综合提升和黄浦江源精品观光带,两年来已建设珍贵彩色森林3.8万亩左右。根据安吉县“十三五”规划,珍贵彩色森林建设重点打造“一环”即递铺绕城公路,“两线”即杭长高速沿线和04、11省道沿线,“三片”即环灵峰旅游度假片区、龙王山旅游片区、笔架山休闲片区,“四带”即黄浦江源、中国大竹海、昌硕故里、白茶飘香四条精品观光带。在珍贵彩色森林建设上,安吉县林业局紧抓色彩心理效应,重点运用红、黄、橙、紫、白等多系色彩与绿水青山相结合,不仅营建出不同的森林群落,又通过合理搭配的色彩营造出丰富多彩、令人愉快、震撼心灵的景观效果。“所有规划都根据建设区的区位条件、景观现状、林分特点来设计和实施。”林技推广中心主任诸炜荣说,对于林中空地较多,林下更新不良的林分,采取直接补植阔叶树种的方式进行改造;对于现状条件较好,但林相单一、色彩不足的林分,则在林中空地补植落叶树种,丰富景观层次;对毛竹纯林和茶叶纯林,则补植彩叶树种,增加早春及深秋的景观效果。“计划用五年时间完成18万亩珍贵彩色森林建设,接下来还将按规划建设14万亩。”诸炜荣介绍,现在天气适合开展植树活动,目前已经开始进行小规模的彩色树种种植。相关的主题文章:

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