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UnCategorized There it was. Sitting pretty wedged between two others of its kind, enviably wrapped within a band of white gold delicately around her wedding finger. Sparkling, Elegant, Stunning. If that was not enough to take my breath away, there was more. Not only was this ensemble of diamonds spectacular in itself, I am told they were removed from an old ring of his grandmothers and entwined into a unique design of its own. Melting moment? I believe so. Points were certainly scored and the groom-to-be could breathe a sigh of relief that he had got it so right. So what is it about diamonds that seems to make them the essential component of any engagement ring? Beauty lies in the beholder and it goes without saying that diamonds are indeed the classical trinket of beauty. However least we forget, what are one man’s rags are another man’s riches. Not all diamonds will suit everyone’s personal taste. We design our own clothes, houses, kitchens, so why not customise our own engagement rings? It seems many are, safe in the knowledge they are presenting their very own original token of style. So what pressures are there on men to produce the ideal engagement ring? And by ideal, do we always mean diamonds? There is certainly pressure on men when it comes to popping the question. Making sure she has a good tale to tell can cause the groom many a sleepless night. Will it be romantic? Will it be spontaneous? Will it be tonight? Will it be a diamond? In the words probably made most famous by Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. There is no denying that diamonds are the epitome of all that is feminine. With an abundance of sizes, colours, settings, styles and all importantly price tags, there are endless opportunities to own your own unique band of fortune. Many prefer to go for the classic solitaire in a gold or platinum band while others may experiment with side stone, gemstones, tension set or perhaps even a pearl and diamond solitaire? Perhaps a Princess Stone, a Pear or maybe an Asscher? The opportunities are endless. A ladies choice of diamond depends on her personal sense of style. Unlike the latest fashions, diamonds are timeless and effortlessly chic. Like the classic LBD (little black dress), every girl can wear one. The key is making sure the perfect ring complements the perfect lady. My friends husband-to-be could not have chosen a ring more suitable for his wife-to-be. Do not get me wrong, I am quite sure that if he had have presented her with a token ring from a Christmas cracker, her ecstatic acceptance would still have been as genuine and she would still have proudly shown off her new plastic finger. However the fact that her finger is not wrapped in plastic but an outstandingly stunning band of diamonds, has given her a permanent accessory that will undoubtedly always be her best friend. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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