its the perfect blend of natures most wonderful attractions and luxurious delights thats usually reserved for royalty. Single celled animals like the foraminifera or shells 水果姐向霉霉示好 指示孩子闹机场

Travel-and-Leisure Bahamas Vacations and the Beautiful Harbour Island If you want to experience the best the Caribbean has to offer go to Harbour Island; its the perfect blend of natures most wonderful attractions and luxurious delights thats usually reserved for royalty. Single celled animals like the foraminifera or shells, as its commonly known grow, in huge numbers in the sands of Harbour Island and mixing their red color with white sand lets out a pinkish tinge thus this part of the island is called Pink Sands Beach; hike or ride a horse with your partner to experience it. Head out to the Lone Tree and be mesmerized by the different accounts on how it got to where it is; the most logical is it got washed to shore during a strong hurricane but how it was able to stand upright is another puzzle which you can enjoy solving while watching the sun set from this area. Bay Street is the towns center for commerce where you can learn much of Harbour Islands history by visiting some of its old sites like the Dunmore Cottage, the Shipyard, and the Old Fort. Save the best for last for you might not want to go to other places in the Bahamas after youve seen Harbour Island. The Long Island escapade during your Bahamas Vacations Going on Bahamas Vacations never fail to excite us especially when we visit Long Island. Divers, professional or newly certified ones should make it a point to visit this place. People who are just starting to enjoy this sport can dive the not so deep waters just near the shoreline to practice. However, experienced divers will not get bored with the many other diving spots and will appreciate the dive at the Deans Blue Hole. For non-divers, you can stroll along the miles of white sand beaches that embrace the island such as the Cape Santa Maria beach which is touted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world or at the pink-hued sands of the Love Beaches. Visit the other inland attractions like the Dunmore Town where you can still see the ruins of the former estate and plantation house as well as the Hamilton Cave where for prehistoric drawings and artifacts of the Lucayan Indian tribe. Stunning views will greet you when you set foot at the 15 foot stone obelisk dedicated in memory to Christopher Columbus. Take a trip to visit the wonderful places here. Commune with Nature in Acklin during your Bahamas Vacations Only about 400 residents call Acklin, a 92 square mile wide island, home because it is not so popular among tourists that visit the Bahamas. This Bahamas Vacations destination is devoid of commercial establishments and rowdy tourists, this small and peaceful island is the perfect place to meditate and just settle down. The reason you visit this island is to be one with nature as well as see the beautiful views of the land and the sea. Snorkeling and bone fishing are some of the things that you can do to complete your Bahamas trip for the low calm waters of the island make it possible. You will only be able to appreciate and see the good things about the island being untouched by commercialization when you visit the place for the natural beauty of the island stands out and speaks for it. Acklin is the perfect getaway to those people who prefer peace and quiet when on vacation. Lovely Bahamas Vacations at the Exumas The Exumas Islands in the Caribbean is one place that you would want to spend your Bahamas Vacations in for it offers various activities that would never leave you idle even just for a minute. This island chain within an island chain so there are a lot of cays that you can choose to stay when visiting this place. There are lots of choices for accommodations when vacationing here from the high-end luxurious resorts to the simple lodges so you can choose one depending on your budget. A portion of the islands has been declared by the government as a marine sanctuary which is a good move to protect the islands natural resources. You can go snorkeling, diving or bone fishing among the shallow waters of the many cays although you would have to check first for some of it is privately owned. The heart of this mini-archipelago where a lot of restaurants, hotels and the shopping district is located is Georgetown. You will surely enjoy your stay in these beautiful islands. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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