use a legitimate email that is from your site like. When you use a hotmail address this makes you look unprofessional. DMOZ will not spam you. So 女导游在德国被抢 骑车忘锁欠两千万

Internet-and-Business-Online If you don’t know the power of getting listed on, consider this: Google uses DMOZ for all the contents of their Web Directory portion of their site. Also, many small search engines and directories use results to fill their directories. Getting listed in DMOZ can increase website traffic to your sites. Not only will you increase web traffic, but also this traffic will be targeted and will give you better search engine placement and search engine rank. Make sure that you include submitting to DMOZ and important part of your search engine optimization strategies. DMOZ has been around for a long time and uses human editors to list sites. When you get listed in DMOZ, Google will give your site a lot of link popularity credit. Getting linked in DMOZ is a great way to generate targeted traffic to your website. This article will give you some tips on how to get a listing on DMOZ. Go to and spend some time finding the absolute best category for your site. This is extremely important. If you submit to the wrong area, you could hold up the review of your site. Then, create a good description of your site and use your company or website name in the title. Read through their submission guidelines, especially for the category that you are submitting to. When you get listed in the right category this will give your website targeted traffic and better search engine placement. Your goal should be to submit correctly the first time and forget about it. For certain categories, it could take years to get your site reviewed. But, do not submit again and again or your submission will be put at the far back of the review line. Your submission could be deleted all together. It takes patience and proper submission to get listed. Don’t get fancy with your submission. Do try and incorporate your main keyword phrase or phrases, but make sure that your description adheres to the submission guidelines perfectly. Look at the description of sites that are already listed in your category to get an idea for what the editors are looking for. Use natural language, not sales jargon in your description. It should be short and to the point. Also, use a legitimate email that is from your site like. When you use a hotmail address this makes you look unprofessional. DMOZ will not spam you. So, use a real address from your domain. Once you’ve submitted to DMOZ, you can check your category once a month to see if your site has been added, as you won’t receive a confirmation email if your site is accepted or denied. If the category you are submitting to does not have an editor listed AND if the category doesn’t have a lot of listings, preferably less than 50 consider applying to become an editor of the category. As editor, you can approve your own site into the category very quickly. Be honest in your application, the DMOZ people will research the information you give them, if you lie, you won’t get approved. If you are approved, be an honest editor, giving competitors a fair shot to be listed. You wouldn’t want a competitor keeping you out of the directory if they had the power, would you? Login a couple times a month to review new listings and to keep your editor account updated. Getting a listing in DMOZ can provide you with a steady flow of traffic for years to come, but you have to be patient and you have to play by their rules. You will not only get targeted traffic, you will get a better search engine ranking. Don’t miss this great opportunity. Keep persevering in your Internet marketing business. God bless you. Jesus loves you. This article will show you a great way to increase your website traffic and give you guidelines on getting listed in DMOZ. Getting listed in DMOZ should be an important part of your search engine marketing arsenal. Not only will you get targeted traffic to your site, but you will get a better search engine rank. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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