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Living Without Sustainable Electricity Posted By: Art Gib Recently a visit to the coast of Guatemala proved something of a revelation. The people live without regular electricity. They have rolling power that may or may not be available at any give time. While it was a little romantic for us sitting under the stars visiting with the locals, it makes life very difficult for them. Portable solar power would solve many problems the locals encounter. Electricity is not only convenient it is also life saving. Without electricity, refrigeration is impossible. You may be able to buy perishables in the small markets but you can’t count on them staying cold. The people regularly let meat, produce and dairy products sit without proper refrigeration. More commonly, they visit the market before each meal, taking up to two hours to prepare a simple meal of rice and beans with trips to the market. The leftovers sit on the stove until the next meal is served. What if you are a midwife delivering a baby and the power goes out? This also can prove not only a terrible inconvenience but could be life threatening. Portable solar power can provide lights for people at night.portable solar power portable solar power Living, Working And Serving In Developing Countries Posted By: Art Gib Servicemen and women, employees, contractors, humanitarian personal live, work and serve in developing countries. While often rewarding for those serving it can be a time of stress for those loved ones at home. Infrequent contact makes the separation more difficult. When phones don’t work, Internet can’t be streamlined, computers shutdown, and electricity is non-existent it can be difficult to reach those at home. Having a portable solar power pack allows for internet service, electricity, and contact to be make from almost anywhere air cards or satellite phones are available. It is tough duty being a serviceman or women living in a developing country, safety often depends on communication not only with those at home but those they are serving with. A direct line of communication is imperative in time of war. History is resplendent with stories of missed communication by those at the front endangering or unnecessary deaths in times of war. What can be powered using a portable solar power pack? Depending on the price you pay you can power anything from an AA or AAA battery device to a small tv.portable solar power portable solar power Do I Really Need A Solar Powered Battery Charger? Posted By: Art Gib When you are asked if you need something, do you stop to ask yourself if you really need that or not? There are many times when we think we need something that we in fact do not really need. We have become great justifiers in this country and we have learned how to justify anything that we need to. However that is not going to help any of us in the long run. So when you see the solar powered battery charger and you think you want it and need it, do you really need it? Certainly it is a nice product and one that everyone should consider. However, do you really need it? The answer to that question may not be what you are thinking. Our natural response when asked if we really need something is to automatically discount it and say that we do not. However, in this case the answer is yes. Our emergency preparedness is not something that we should mess around with and having a battery charger that is solar powered could be a life saving instrument in an extended powered battery charger portable solar battery charger solar powered battery charger The Power Of The Sun For The Small Things In Life Posted By: Art Gib We’ve all taken a look at our electric bill and gasped, haven’t we? Over time, the gasps are perhaps replaced by resigned sighs. With the barrage of kilowatt-sucking gadgets that both simplify and complicate our lives, from dishwashers to iPads, a cost-efficient system of power would surely be appreciated. Most of us have heard of solar energy as an inexpensive, clean alternative to other energy producers. A few of us have even considered investing in the rooftop equipment to lessen and perhaps eliminate those unwelcome, monthly dues. Still fewer have done it. But beyond that major use, what sorts of things can solar power do for us? Consider this scenario: a family goes camping, and being the typical, rough, outdoorsy type of suburban, American family, the kids bring their iPods and their PSPs; Dad his laptop; Mom, her new color Nook. Life is bliss as the family sits around the campfire completely ignoring one another up until Johnny’s battery runs out. Dad forgot to bring spares, and now Johnny is bugging Janie, pulling Mom from her book and dad from his thrilling game of Mahjong.portable solar panels portable solar panels Time To Prepare For Whatever Lies Ahead Posted By: Art Gib The world seems to be an uncertain place right now. With tsunamis, earthquakes, tornados, nuclear power plant meltdowns, hurricanes, droughts and flooding, you never know what the day will bring. It has been said, "if you are prepared you don’t need to fear". While fear is a natural part of life, preparedness can also relieve some of the unknown dread. The more prepared you are the less anxiety you have to live with. Take a moment to take stock of your home. Do you have a 72-hour kit? Is there a water shut off key or an electrical shut off key in a convenient place? Do you have a little extra food on hand for an emergency? Do you have a portable solar battery charger? Do you have flashlights, batteries, candles, a propane stove, extra blankets and water? You don’t have to spend a fortune to be prepared, but a few extra things on hand can make all the difference in an emergency. Let’s examine the 72-hour kit. What should be included? First, they have to be practical and easily portable. A cooler with wheels or pack backs are ideal. A pack back for each family member is important.portable solar battery charger solar powered battered charger portable solar battery charger Portable Solar Panels – An Absolute Breathrough In Utilizing The Solar Energy Posted By: Shane Green Portable solar panels can be purchased in varied shapes and sizes, from simple kinds which can only be able to recharging your cellular phone to larger sized and also far complicated types that enables a person to work a laptop. A few of them will include a battery pack which save power inside throughout the night if the solar panels are unable to operate. Portable solar panels will not work effectively during cloudy days. It is actually relying on sunlight. These units are fantastic for folks who will spend time on far off areas like hiking, mountain climbing or camping. Additionally , they prove to be invaluable during power failures as a result of extreme storms as well as incidents. Using these kinds of solar panels as a power source needs a collaboration of the mother nature along with a little aid from technology. Portable solar power panels could be just like regular solar panels, only these are generally manufactured by utilizing a slender substrate which can be bent and even compressed to make putting together and journey with the panels easier.Portable solar panels solar panels flexible solar panels Portable solar panels Portable Solar Power Charger – A Whole New Growth Towards A New Environment Friendly Earth Posted By: Brigida Edmunds Using a portable solar battery charger is the 1st step down the path to acknowledging the worth of solar power for a possible energy source. Fairly possibly those who don’t know the simple to utilize wonderful things about solar power, for instance utilizing a portable solar charger, make an effort to carry out their component. Rechargeable batteries or perhaps that solar battery, in fact, appear to be a fantastic substitute for throwing those use-and-throw batteries to trash dumps. Portable Solar Battery Charger is normally as tiny as the length of the netbook. These have a couple of solar panels along with a chargeable Li-ion battery which has a capability of 24000mAH which will offer you with the charge regardless of whether or not there’s no light obtainable. Portable solar charger are usually the perfect technology for several who actually like solar energy transportable merchandise. Portable solar charger is great to use intended for providing instantaneous electrical power to machine that utilizes 12 volt power,just like motorcycles,cars watercraft, charger solar power solar charger Portable Solar Battery Charger – Yet Another Discovery Towards A Greener Planet Posted By: Shane Green Using a portable solar battery charger would be the starting point down the path to knowing the worth of solar power as being a feasible energy source. Quite possibly the ones that do not know the simple to utilize advantages of solar power, for example utilizing a portable solar battery charger, attempt to do their part. Rechargeable batteries or even that solar battery, in fact, appear to be an excellent option to throwing those non reusable batteries to trash dumps. Portable Solar Battery Charger is often as tiny as the length of any netbook. It includes a couple of solar power panels and also a chargeable Li-ion battery that has a potential of 24000mAH that will provide charge whether or not there is no light around. Portable solar battery chargers are generally the best technology in case you really like solar energy convenient merchandise. Portable solar battery charger is great to be utilized intended for giving fast electrical power to gadgets which uses 12 volt power,like motorcycles,cars fishing boats, etc.portable solar charger solar battery portable solar charger Solar Laptop Charger – Solar Battery Chargers From China Posted By: WWW.ESALESCHINA.COM Solar Laptop Charger($ 142 usd) Source: High Capacity Solar Power Charger – Solar Laptop Charger / Solar Mobile Charger. Solar Battery Charger from China wholesale online. It supports Selectable 16V, 18V, 22V (all 3000mA max), 18V/ 2000mA max input, Included Wall AC Adapter + Car Cigarette Power Adapter, ASUS, HP, Samsung, ACer/T1, Dell, IBM, NEC, Toshiba, Sony and so on. Please note: You’d be surprised how many portable electronic appliances can be powered by the sun. With certain compact solar chargers, you can recharge your USB products such as your iPod or PDA, as well as your mobile phone. It includes solar batteries, solar battery charger, solar battery chargers, solar power charger, solar laptop charger, solar mobile charger, portable solar battery charger, solar battery charger circuit, marine solar battery charger and so on. China Wholesale Solar Power Charger Manufacturer SpecificationsCapacity: 20000 mAH (74W/h) Solar Panel Type: Polycrystalline Output – USB: 5V/ 500mA – Voltage Port: Selectable 16V, 18V, 22V (all 3000mA max) Input: 18V/ 2000mA max Working Temperature: -5 ~ +60 deg C Dimension: 205mm x 282mm x 18mm (L x W x D) Charging Time – AC: approx 3 hrs – Solar: approx 8~10 hrs Manufacturer Ref.Solar Laptop Charger solar laptop charger Solar Laptop Charger Portable Solar Battery Charger – Solar Cell Phone Charger From China Posted By: WWW.ESALESCHINA.COM Portable Solar Battery Charger($ 10 usd) Source: Wholesale Solar Cell Phone Charger – Portable Solar Battery Charger Supply Green Power. MP3 / MP4 Solar Products from China. It supports 5 Hour AC Power, 10-15 Hours Solar Full Charge Time, charge Nokia, Samsung, Motorolla, and Sony-Erickson mobile phones with provided adapters, Charges MP3/MP4 players using 5-pin mini-USB connection and so on. Please note: The Solar Panel Battery Charger from eSalesChina allows you to charge your device wherever you are. You’d be surprised how many portable electronic appliances can be powered by the sun. With certain compact solar chargers, you can recharge your USB products such as your iPod or PDA, as well as your mobile phone. China Wholesale Solar Cell Phone Charger Manufacturer SpecificationBattery – Capacity: 1350mAH – Output: 5.5V, 1000mAH – Charge Input: DC 5v – Full Charge Time: 5 Hour AC Power, 10-15 Hours Solar Manufacturer Ref. : XCVDUZ3A3VI3 Dimension: 95mm x 40mm x 12mm (L x W x D) Other Features: Can be used to charge Nokia, Samsung, Motorolla, and Sony-Erickson mobile phones with provided adapters.Portable Solar Battery Charger solar cell phone charger Portable Solar Battery Charger Increasingly Popular And Stable Energy Posted By: Jacob Blaney The news is always buzzing with information about renewable energy and how it is becoming increasingly popular. What is this energy exactly? The actual definition of this energy is any form of energy that does not "run out," and is stable. Solar energy is renewable energy. Wind and water energy is either. Even the geothermal energy found deep subterranean is referred to as renewable power. These forms of energy are not exhaustible and are prevalent in nature. Fossil fuels, on the other from the other side, are not renewable and can ultimately be exhausted. The Issues with Fossil Fuels Fossil fuels take millions of years to create. These are a form of accumulated energy that is created when plant and organic matter decompose. It’s a very unequaled kind of geological condition. Nevertheless, when they are gone, they are gone forever. This is one of the reasons why it is so crucial to implement this energy sources. The main advantage of this energy is that it can really power our entire society vaguely. The key is to integrate this energy sources into our lives now, while there are still fossil fuels obtainable.renewable energy solar power wind power geothermal green energy global warming renewable energy 相关的主题文章:

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