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Legal What can a solicitor do for you? Solicitors are practitioners of UK law who help the public and businesses deal with legal issues outside the courtroom. If you have an legal issue that needs to be resolved in court then it may be necessary to hire a barrister. However, it is usually a solicitor that prepares a case for the barrister, so when you hire a solicitor, he or she will usually have an agreement with one or more barristers to represent their cases. Solicitors can operate completely independent, such as in one man law firms or in partner of law firms of different sizes. The smaller firms generally specialise in local issues, such as buying and selling of property and general disputes between private persons and individuals. The larger firms, have many more resources and usually represent larger and more complicated cases. There are different benefits to choosing both a small and a large law firm. In a small firm it is more likely that your case will be handled by the solicitor him/herself, while a larger firm may delegate much of the work to junior associates. On the other hand, the larger firm will be able to handle more cases and are usually faster because of the amount of resources they have at their disposal. The most common requests to solicitors are drawing up of legal documents, such as personal Wills. Solicitors are usually also involved in sale and buying of land and property or they will represent individuals who have a legal or financial dispute with either other private individuals, businesses or local authorities. Seeing as there are so many different areas of law where legal advice may be requested, no solicitor will be able to specialisese equally in all. As such, before committing to any solicitor it is a good idea to find out which fields of law they specialise in. Many law firms are available online, by carrying out searches you will be able to choose a law firm from within your local area. The websites may also have free phone contact numbers if you wish to make initial enquiries or online enquiry forms. After having done your research and contacted a solicitor you should prepare yourself for an initial meeting. However, in many instances it may not be necessary to ever actually meet with your solicitor, this will be dependant on the nature of your case and the legal services you require. Write down all your questions and things you are unsure about. Allow yourself to change your questions along the way. Some questions you should always ask a solicitor are: * How much experience do he/she have with this type of case? * What is the likely outcome of the case? * How much work will be done by the solicitor and how much by junior or trainee solicitors? * What will the total fee be and is there a risk of having to pay legal fees to the opponents, in the case of a loss? *Should the dispute be settled in or out of court? Once you have had your first meeting with your solicitor or had your questions answered via phone, written correspondence or email, you should have a much better idea of where you stand, the time your case will be expected to take and an estimate of the outcome. Solicitors Manchester will be able to handle your legal issues and offer legal advice if you live in the geographical area of Manchester. 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