users not only download free but also paid gaming applications. Subsequently 台湾八百壮士抗议 女干部撑伞嚼槟榔

Mobile-Cell-Phone According to a report released in the first half of 2011, games ruled in the world of mobile app development. According to the survey taken almost two years back, more than 60 percent of mobile application users downloaded at least one game every month. This figure was projected to rise, and rightly predicted, mobile gaming apps still remain the highest selling software in todays market. According to research reports, gaming is the type of mobile application that an every mobile device user, irrespective of profession or age, would like to purchase or download. The same study also points out the fact that mobile users are most likely to spend money for using gaming apps. This is the reason why on an average mobile device owners spend close to 8 hours accessing mobile gaming apps every month. However, the count increases further if the data is taken as per the number of gaming app users registered each major operating system. For instance, iOS users spend 14.7 hours a month paying games with mobile apps; Android users averaged at 9.3 hours a month; whereas BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users accessed gaming apps at the rate of 5 hours every month. The year 2011 saw the advent of gaming mobile apps. 2012 was the year when playing games using mobile apps became a trend. It is in this year that the practice of downloading a gaming application has reached a more consolidated level among all types of mobile device users, including smartphones and tablets. The reason why gaming apps are declared the most popular type of mobile application every year is because of the fact that they can be used in work as well as for entertainment. While the fun factor in gaming mobile apps remains undisputed, research has shown that the software successfully controls the concentration levels of the human brain. Playing games in your mobile device in between work will indeed make the mind more alert and the body more energetic. Gaming is the most popular and the highest grossing sector of the mobile app development industry. Some reasons contributing to this factor are: 1. Generates more revenue than other apps The object of every app development company is to generate increased revenues from the sale and download of mobile applications created by its team of developers. According to reports of mobile analysts, users not only download free but also paid gaming applications. Subsequently, a developer earns more revenue from paid software as opposed to apps which are available for free. Also, mobile device surpass the number of PC users in the current market. Since gaming apps have the highest download rate, they generate the maximum amount of revenue for the developer. 2. Marketing of gaming apps is easier Mobile application promotion is of utmost importance in determining the usability and popularity of an app. Analysts are of the opinion that gaming applications are easier to market than other forms of apps. This means that simple and cost effective strategies can be used for promoting a gaming mobile app. This means further profits for the developer, who would in turn be more interested to design another gaming application in the future. Gaming apps are projected to be the most popular category of mobile applications in the next four years, generating over 80 million users. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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