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Chengdu owners complained that the area of one million of the proceeds of the low price of the transfer of the industry committee in September 14th, Chengdu two ring road, a section of the east of the District, the owners and the industry committee in the police station to negotiate the video in the community play. Residential buildings, temporary parking billboards, annual income of more than and 100 million ha 34 thousand years to sell the property company in September 15th the Mid Autumn Festival, Chengdu, a district of the East Gate Square, a special "dam dam movie" non-stop playback: because of suspected area of high public revenue is the industry without the transfer of low-cost, more than for the industry the industry committee announced budget list, and proposed to the industry requirements. In order to "seek the attention", this dam of the film has been on for nearly 1 weeks, almost regardless of the weather. In September 20th, the dam dam movie has been on for 2 weeks. The district industry committee in the request of a number of owners, announced 2012 – 2015, the owners of the committee financial report. Currently, the cumulative balance of 1935424.58 Yuan Residential income. The impeachment of industry "dam owners movie" seeking attention in September 15th 8 at night, Chengdu east gate of a residential square, a "dam dam movie" officially began broadcasting. In the picture, more than and 10 people meeting at a police station in the conference room, on behalf of the owners, industry members, community workers, various parties, the content of legitimacy, the small business committee of the district public revenue accounts of the regional common problems, to communicate and negotiate. The final appeal of the owners on behalf of the party is to require the removal of the industry committee". "Small is everyone, we hope that through this way, the maximum range to let the neighbors know this matter, let as many owners to participate, held jointly promote the owners, eventually solve all kinds of problems in our community for so many years." Mr. Leng said the owner. Owners complained that property prices rose to deceive the owners signed the collar welfare in July 22nd of this year, the district’s property company issued a notice, the property management fee per square meter will rise. "Each square up 6 corners. Elevator apartment rose from 1.2 square meters to $1.8, a small high-rise from 1.6 yuan square meters rose to $2.2." "In August, the second time the owners signed. But did not say the price, only to tell us that benefits." In the residential property owners to produce mobile phone, the reporter saw, September 1st, number 106905631066 in the name of the small business committee, to the owners of bulk SMS: "on September 1st to 20, holding my ID card, property cards to receive a set of four pieces of cotton in the square." The message did not mention other matters such as property management prices. "We thought it was a benefit, the signature did not say that this is the price of property management fees, many owners do not know what to sign the word." During the interview, the owner Ho said, the result is that the signing of the consent of the property price increases, it is cheating." A week: Director Mrs. peek thermography Deyang man was asked to kneel at a Sichuan girl Liu Youqi adorable photos cited hot friends Chengdu university campus Belle Cecilia Cheung hit the face small town of Sichuan at the end of the street, don’t miss the Chengdu East相关的主题文章:

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