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The next five years, Shenzhen to Longgang when the East strategy vanguard – Shenzhen Channel – in the current Shenzhen municipal government to build "two district three city", the implementation of the "Eastward Development Strategy under the background of the original SAR, the western region has a first mover advantage, other Eastern District is poised to win, in the development of sails compete in the flood, and slow retreat into the well. Implementation of the "East" strategy, to build the eastern Shenzhen center, Longgang will be in the city planning and construction management standards to the original SAR and the domestic and foreign advanced area line, city infrastructure more perfect, the development environment is more optimized, the east development flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow channels become more smooth, implementation of the "East" strategy, promote the SAR Integration Leader and the vanguard. Longgang should drive in industrial development and innovation to become the first to create new heights, support Shenzhen period of transformation and development of innovation and entrepreneurship paradise, based on economic region, further realize the strong innovation area and good ecological development, realize the industrial area into strong industrial zone. Longgang should be in economic and social development, space development, reform and innovation, improve people’s livelihood, spiritual civilization construction and Party construction and other aspects in the forefront, the rise in eastern Shenzhen, has become an important support to promote coordinated development of the city in the East and the west. Longgang should be in the radiation force, power and influence was stronger than in the surrounding area, make contribution to promote the revitalization and development in Northeast Guangdong, become the leading strategic fulcrum of Shenzhen deep Guanhui "3+2" coordinated development of economic circle. According to the new requirements of the new mission, the guiding ideology in the next five years, Longgang district is to hold high the great banner of socialism with China, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, thoroughly implement the party’s eighteen since the central policy deployment and the general secretary is Xi Jinping series of important speech, in accordance with the "in general layout, to promote the coordination of" four comprehensive ", in-depth practice the development of the concept of the five", "two district three city municipal Party committee in accordance with the" target, build Shenzhen East Center, striving to implement the "East" strategy of the leader and the vanguard, and strive to promote the rise of the eastern part of Shenzhen! (Chen Yuzhu, commissioning editor: Wang Xing)相关的主题文章:

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