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The man to pull the ex girlfriend dead boss kind to rescue the defense when the section of the incident Jinyang news reporter Qin Xiaohui photography reported: 5 years after a pair of young men and women living together, living with the woman for choice of separation, and no man did not want to beg, he will drag the woman holding to the river side, the threat of die die together ". At the critical moment, the female boss hit the man holding a stick at the sight of injustice, arms, help women escape. This scene is a street in Houjie town of Dongguan Yong Kou Bei Xiu Jie Xihua Xiang. 9, according to "save" the boss husband Appin, extremely good wife pinch, the man to stop the violence, this is one thing, but because of the "excessive defense" was sent to detention. 9, the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau Houjie Bureau responded that the detention is according to the normal procedure, the incident is still under investigation. "Flash marriage" after living not separated in 2010, from Henan Xinyang small Lei and A Peng in Dongguan was introduced after two months after the Henan back home feast "flash marriage". At that time, because of underage, not licensing registration. However, once again returned to Dongguan Houjie Town "couple" but did not imagine the sweet love. He often did not go to work, idle, and love gambling, all my money is being spent." Small Lei said, after A Peng cohabitation has no formal work, but find excuses to spend money from his hand. "Once, he took advantage of me not to pay attention to my bank card binding his QQ, with a red envelope to mention my wages, six months later, I found that my card is not a penny." Thought Peng will pursue progress, however, change mind, kekepengpeng together for 5 years after giving birth to my daughter, ah Peng is still "not work for money" state. In early 2016, downhearted Xiaolei decisively choose to leave A Peng, a personal housing, had played a separate lives. "Unexpectedly, he later found me," said the landlord threatened you let her stay here, I’ll move to burn your house gas bottle "," small Lei was finally out of the rental housing. Since then, the friction between the two sides continued to struggle endlessly. The owner and his wife sticks to save the November 6th, A Peng’s entanglement to the extreme. In late November 6th 11, in Dongguan Houjie town of Chung Hau Street North show a mobile phone shop to work out small Lei rubbish. "He (A Peng) suddenly appeared to pull me to a remote place, I want to talk to him outside." Small Lei not react instinctively to resistance, both sides began to quarrel. "When the boss saw, has two times to reclaim my store." Small Lei said, but until 7 am 1 pm, the boss of persuasion apparently did not work, two people quarrel more intense. Peng ran into the store third drag small Lei, forcing the drag and drop more than 100 meters. See there is a river near A Peng, was holding a small Lei went to the river, "he said," we die we die together, you and I are a dead.’". At this time, small Lei Peng and away from the river only 20 meters. According to the video monitoring of the night, A Peng holding a small Lei to a street lamp, small Lei fell to the ground, then A Peng made several attempts to re pick up the small Lei, failed, has been the small Lei pressure on the ground. In this very pinch, mobile phone shop owner cannot Appin cases相关的主题文章:

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