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Peter Chan think old: the young man is not as I imagined, entertainment channel, original title: Peter Chan think old: the young man is not as I imagine Peter Chan optimistic about July and still "box office". "Chinese partner", "dear" has been well received, Peter Chan has become the mainland will be the subject of Hongkong director. The upcoming July "and still", he once again hit the mainland deep memory, Derek Tsang put together baby Anne’s novel for the screen. An interview with reporters yesterday in Beijing, Peter Chan revealed some new thinking in these two years, for example, what is the real "down to earth", what is the audience favorite way about 90. The first to find the "Shuangcheng story" starring Eric Tsang, was buried under the possibility after 25 years and his son Derek Tsang cooperation. The new cognition really can not shoot a female perspective film Peter Chan said, looking for a similar and their own style of film directors "in July and she". Yesterday after the first screening, many people feel that the film is really a bit like Peter Chan’s works. In early 1991, Peter Chan in the "Shuangcheng story" in the sense of a love triangle story, but then Eric Tsang and Alan Tam for Maggie Cheung, 25 years after Ma Sichun and Dongyu Zhou of the girlfriends, also fell in love with "grass" Li Chengbin. Is the most clever, "July and still" director Derek Tsang is the son of Eric Tsang. Speaking of this fate, Peter Chan smiled and said, afraid of Derek Tsang think "Shuangcheng story" old-fashioned, over the past few years have also been invited to Derek Tsang, "he pushed the old (speech)." After reading "in July and she", Peter Chan consciously "shoot deal", he explained: "I used to shoot the film though not very masculine male movie, but they are from the male perspective, from the" Shuangcheng story "to" sweet honey "is. Such as "July and still" from the perspective of two girls, I can not understand do not understand, then decided to do only producer." So the director to Derek Tsang. Peter Chan ridicule is understand a woman Derek Tsang, shy explain maybe because I grew up with two sister and mother together, "I can’t say much about women, just think women are too complicated and too much trouble, I was very interested in the complex." As for the "Shuangcheng story", Derek Tsang really love, "the first time that my father (Eric Tsang) will be acting, is to see the" Shuangcheng story ", when I feel that he is a play to yellow film, hate. Until the "Shuangcheng story", read the special moved ‘ah, my father can play a very serious film" Derek Tsang said, and Peter Chan together "in July and she" this movie, the feeling is very wonderful, in addition to the two deep personal relationships, and his first job in the film circle is to give Peter Chan jobs, "really feel like home." Some people say that such a big star dad not to guest, it is really a pity. Derek Tsang shook his head again and again, really do not, the role of the play very little, but also the right place to accommodate him." The film "July" and "she" has a lot of girls get intimate details, discuss the topic from the chest to bath together, as a male director is how to find these "boudoir)相关的主题文章:

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