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Foreign media comment on Philippines fishing boats back to Huangyan Island: China success failure of America according to several media reports in Philippines, recently, Philippine fishing boats to Huangyan Island fishing, has not affected by the Chinese maritime police interceptor. In October 31st at the China foreign ministry’s regular press conference, a reporter on the questions, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said in response, because Philippines’s president Duthel Te’s visit to China, fully improve the relations between China and the Philippines, China Philippines friendship based on making proper arrangements. In this regard, CNN local time on October 31st commented that the president of Philippines, Duthel Te seems to have been China’s concession on the island of Huangyan, which marks the failure of U.S. foreign policy. CNN said that all this happened last week, China suddenly relaxed the 4 year blockade of the island of Huangyan, and allow Philippines fishermen into the waters near the island of Huangyan. If this situation continues to develop, then this will mark the victory of Duthel Te’s pro american policy. Through the "collusion" (cozying up to) Chinese and insult the United States Duthel Te from China, won, he can not get in the United States, and that is through peaceful means to solve the problem of Huangyan island. This is undoubtedly a great achievement. In 2012, Chinese through additional Coast Guard (China police), the expulsion of the Philippines Navy occupied Huangyan island. The United States was subsequently involved in a dispute with China over the uninhabited reef. However, Washington has not indicated that the joint defense treaty signed with Philippines can lead to U.S. military action. China, then, is aware of the lack of solutions to the problem. So, when the United States and China to coordinate the two countries to withdraw the ship, the Chinese side or default. China still maintained its blockade of the coast guard ships also use water cannon near Philippines. In the next 4 years, Washington has not been able to develop effective defense strategies to expel the Chinese vessels near the shoal. Washington’s failure strategy, the United States on the island of Huangyan, has been threatened by the military, although the possibility of the existence of the existence, but this view is now not credible. Because the United States is facing a dilemma — Washington has no ability to withdraw Beijing’s military base in the South China sea. On the contrary, Duthel Te seems to have began to alienate us Philippine alliance. For example, he and the United States ", and rebuilt the old China part company each going his own way" in good, as well as an "independent" foreign policy and other explosive remarks, in full compliance with the government wants to Chinese argument. He quickly took part in bilateral talks with China on the waters off the island of Huangyan, but also led Philippines to China’s core needs. The Chinese side will relax the blockade of the waters off the island of Huangyan, as Duthel Te continues to attack the United States feedback. At present, Duthel Te is still not clear how many concessions, but for most of the Filipinos, this is undoubtedly a great good news. China’s diplomatic success in Beijing 8相关的主题文章:

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