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Blatant lie to the central inspectors! The coastline of Guangxi dug hundreds of "Tiankeng" – Sohu news July 1, 2015, general secretary Xi Jinping presided over the central comprehensive deepening of reform leading group of the fourteenth meeting, considered and adopted the "environmental protection inspector program (Trial)". In January 4, 2016, the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate and officially unveiled in 8 provinces and autonomous regions inspectors, inspectors have been released in mid November, the total number of responsibility was asked more than 2500 people, more than 100 people because of environmental pollution and ecological damage under criminal detention. November 24th, the second batch of the central environmental protection inspectors in 2016 launched a comprehensive work. What is the result of the inspector? Finance CCTV economic half-hour reporter conducted a survey based on the list of inspectors. A large coastal mariculture ruins! In November 12, 2016, the reporter used drones in Guangxi city of Beihai Hepu County Tieshan’gang of aerial photography. One branch of red sand port aerial display, 7 giant pit, originally the Haitian beach tear open several hole. The giant pit one by one, each of the pit area has several football fields, some bare rock, some are filled with blue sea water, one pit next to the coast, is a large mangrove not far away. A mine area is located in the village of visual wave Town Mansion of nearly acres, on the ground is very eye-catching, full of water storage pit is a small reservoir, the pit edge to the bottom of the pit, near vertical, due to water irrigation, the reporter also can not measure the specific depth of the puddle. At the town gate flow close to the village, not far from the highway roadbed, 3 contiguous pit appeared in the press the screen, and the distance of a larger mine has been deep into the sea. In the village of Xinping town gate, 5 huge clouds in the pit near the national special requirements to protect the mangroves on the beach, each pit area has at least two, thirty acres. In some mines, the excavator kept down deep, carrying the stone truck shuttle in these mines. The damage to a more comprehensive understanding of the coast suffered, the reporter through the satellite map wider were observed, found throughout the Hepu County Tieshan’gang along the densely arranged with dark grey or dark blue pit. Reporters rough on the map calculation, Tieshan’gang in satellite pictures of hundreds of square kilometers of the mine, the number of nearly a hundred, the original flat neat coastline and it was huge pit tear badly. Cao Xihong is the only Hepu County Baisha Town village villagers, before has been on shrimp for a living. Reporters at the scene of the investigation, he told reporters that since his shrimp pond next to the excavation of the quarry, he began to leak shrimp ponds. Hepu Dushan County Baisha Town village villagers Cao Xihong: hundreds of large and small holes, countless. Finance CCTV "economic half-hour" reporter learned that the geological conditions in Beihai area of Hepu county is a typical Karst landform, seemingly flat underground is dotted with large and small caves, and a lot of stones in underground distribution. Whenever the quarry.相关的主题文章:

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