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Google announced the adaptation of mobile phone Daydream parameter requirements, your cell phone standards yet? Google technology – Sohu released a mobile phone adapter parameter Daydream, Google is the "Daydream Ready" standard, from the adaptive provisions, if you want a mobile phone support Daydream, Google Pixel, Pixel XL may be a more prudent choice. Recently released Google Android 7 compatibility definition file (CDD), mainly including the following requirements (more details can click on the link to view the above): "must" means the standard must reach the Google requirements, the "best" means that mobile phone manufacturers can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Although Google does not require a OLED screen, but from the screen delay and durability requirements, currently only equipped with OLED screen phone to meet the requirements. The processor related demands are fuzzy, before ZTE announced that Axon 7 is a Daydream Ready mobile phone, which uses Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 chip. But later announced that only Qualcomm snapdragon 821 is consistent with the requirements of Daydream Google. If you want to support a Daydream phone, Google Pixel, Pixel XL, OLED version of HUAWEI Mate 9 may be a more appropriate choice. Chen Shiyu (chenshiwei VR) AR new media, work email: chenshiwei@ifanr, WeChat seaweed18 mailbox # welcomed the attention of the love child norm WeChat certified public number: AppSolution (micro signal: appsolution), found that the essence of cool new applications. Love fan children | original link view comments · Sina · micro-blog相关的主题文章:

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