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Steel prices warmer Tim trouble   to the production capacity should not be a pressure of – Finance – People’s network in the first 7 months of this year, iron and steel production capacity to complete the annual task amount of only 47%, lower than expected progress. Found China Securities newspaper reporter in the iron and steel production in the top two in Hebei province and Jiangsu province in the investigation, the placement of workers, the disposal of assets, debt restructuring and other "old trouble ridden at the same time, steel prices continued to rise to become the new iron and steel production capacity to the current troubles". In addition, in the process of promoting the production of iron and steel to produce a pressure of the problem is not strong and other issues also need to be vigilant. Many places in the Yajian excess capacity, without considering the actual situation of the enterprise market competitiveness, strong decomposition goal may weaken some legal compliance, enterprise good benefit competitiveness. Experts pointed out that, although the first 7 months to lower than expected production capacity, but the completion of the annual production capacity target problem is expected to be over completed. At the same time to resolve the excess capacity of iron and steel, we can not ignore the cultivation of the market competitiveness and sustainable development of iron and steel enterprises, improve the international competitiveness of the industry, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced capacity. Prices rose to become a new annoyance Wang Ming (a pseudonym) is a large steel enterprises in Hebei Province, after some time employees resettlement program released, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. Hebei province is the largest province of iron and steel production, but also the most important task to the production capacity of the province, we also received the task of production capacity. To properly go to production capacity, the most critical is how to properly placement workers." Wang Ming told the China Securities Journal reporter. Wang Ming’s shoulder is not easy. "We plan brewing for a long time, including resettlement fund buyout, other enterprises receive, digest their own enterprises and other aspects, the implementation of the program need long time coordination and communication. Moreover, compared with the developed eastern provinces, Hebei province is relatively weak financial, industrial structure is relatively simple, small economic capacity, it is difficult to implement the program." Even as the eastern developed provinces of Shandong, the pressure of workers resettlement is not small. "The main reason for Shandong province resettlement difficult is the diversion of workers older, mainly concentrated in the 40-50 years of age, single skill, job ability. Than the major state-owned enterprises in Shandong, "13th Five-Year" period, only Shandong plan Yajian crude steel production capacity of 4 million 400 thousand tons, accounting for the province’s Yajian task 30%. But the heavy burden of enterprise, by the end of 2015 survey in Shandong province 158 poor coal enterprises, iron and steel industry two up to 29, accounting for about 1/5. Among them, Shandong debt rate as high as 81%, the normal production and operation is limited, to further increase the difficulty of the placement of workers." Li Xinchuang, vice president of China Iron and Steel Association, said in an interview with China Securities Journal reporter. According to vice president of Chinese iron and Steel Industry Association, Chi Jingdong, in January 22, 2016 the State Council executive meeting of the recompression of crude steel production capacity of 100 million to 1.5 tons of goals, as well as the current Chinese steel production of 300 tons of steel per capita estimates, this round of iron and steel production capacity to mean that there will be 400 thousand -50 million steel workers face adjustment or re selection. In capacity to go相关的主题文章:

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