Mianyang, a man in the face of the 4 year old wife will be killed (Figure) (video) 1926年属相�

A man in Mianyang when a 4 year old child will be wife to death (Figure) in late September 24th, Deyang (micro-blog) the murder occurred East Town, a man when a father and his 4 year old child, brutally killed his wife with an iron bar. Qin Daiyun is the father of Betty (a pseudonym), still lying on the bed. His head, left hand and left leg injuries, these are beaten with iron bars son Yang caused by. Yang Mianyang (micro-blog) in Beichuan, 5 years ago, Yang and Qin Daiyun’s daughter Betty reorganization of the family, came to Deyang to marry. This is Yang’s fourth marriage, the second marriage is betty. Qin Daiyun said at the time, Betty and Yang brought the marriage certificate to tell him, while Yang is not satisfied, but by default. Soon, in Xiaolan and Yang had a son. Love to drink good cards, good times don’t last long, Yang soon exposed the suspicious, fiery nature, often hit the Betty is hurt, let her not to say she’s home. Qin Daiyun said, Yang in a car accident injuries, falling disfigurement become very confident, more suspicious of his wife betty. Betty even met a male classmate say hello, home have been suspicious of her husband’s beating. September 4th, Yang couple and Qin family was invited to a village home to eat wine. Night at the table, Yang lost money again cause trouble, verbal conflict and the Qin family. Angry when he drove away, even on the spot to hit sequel father Qin Daiyun in the Qin Dynasty, caused by cloud right leg fracture. Qin Yun hospital, Betty has been taken care of in the hospital bed, but Yang was indifferent to repeatedly to Betty home, even threaten Betty, said "the Qin family killed several". In September 23rd, Qin Yun rehabilitation hospital. 24, 8 pm, Yang drink a friend’s car found Betty, once again, his wife to go home. The two sides quarrel for more than 1 hours, Yang in a friend persuaded to leave. At 10:30 in the evening, Yang Xiaolan home on the phone to no avail, and return alone. Betty is just to open the door, Yang was beaten. Qin Daiyun said, Yang Betty caught hair head to door touch, Betty revolt, Yang grabbed an iron bar beat Betty head, Yang lost his mind, his wife ran down to the ground. Qin Yun less desperately, and Yang struggling together. Qin Daiyun was knocked to the ground, the body with multiple injuries, but Betty is never to get up. Yang was said to Qin Daiyun, in the name of the child leave you a living, not to kill you. Then picked up the children crying out of the door, but also their own call alarm. That night, the Qin Dynasty cloud by 120 hospital, Betty’s remains were transported to the funeral home, the suspect Yang has been police control. Currently, the case is still under investigation. Deyang radio and television reporter Lin Yongbing editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading of the mother was killed by her husband in March to lay the baby lying on the side of the year in相关的主题文章:

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