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Liaoning the Great Wall is the most beautiful wild over 700 years of history – public recognition on channel 21, one of the "most beautiful wild the Great Wall was put into cement" the news sparked heated debate. Spread in the network photo shows the national security unit has 700 years of history, is located in Liaoning Suizhong is known as "the most beautiful wild the Great Wall" the Great Wall a small estuary one or two kilometers of the city walls and the ground was smooth, undulating walls and wild style was replaced by surface hardening. The photographer said, this is the security department for repair results to the public concern and questioned the attendant. Deputy director of Liaoning Provincial Department of culture, cultural relics bureau director Ding Hui to the Beijing News reporter yesterday confirmed that the repair of small estuary of the Great Wall, it is two years ago in accordance with the scheme, the purpose is to repair, the entire renovation process is reasonable and lawful, technology is no problem, but also admitted that "it really ugly." About "after the renovation into a hardened road" small river the Great Wall is located in Suizhong County of Huludao City, Yongan Bao Xiang, the Great Wall is the main trunk line in Liaoning Province, is located in the rugged mountains of Yanshan, Liaoning and Hebei two provinces border, about 8.9 kilometers long, 31 dilou, 18 Taiwan, war 14 of the Beacon Tower. Data show that small river the Great Wall was built in Hongwu fourteen years (1381 AD), a brick built with lime, pointing its doors and windows were all carved with exquisite patterns. Liu Fusheng, director of the Yongan Provincial Department of Forest Park, Suizhong Province, was attracted by this section of wild the Great Wall and moved to the foot of the mountain. Every day to climb the small estuary of the Great Wall Liu Fusheng met a controversial renovation project in 2014, "construction workers with lime and sand mixed with cement, the walls and the ground with a horizontal plane, looks like a large white wall." Photographer Gao Jinxu, over the years has always been concerned about the small river the Great Wall, "before the repair, the broken walls and brick section of the Great Wall on the moss, full of vicissitudes of the charm." But when he comes here, found the mortar, "construction site staff told me to repair, to repair, to prevent the collapse of danger by mortar, is the design instructions." Liu Fusheng said that the renovation project was about 3 months after the end, once again came to the the Great Wall, Liu Fusheng was startled, "originally undulating wall brick and broken ground, have been fused together into a hardened road." The most let him not understand is that the shop on the surface of this layer is particularly thin, with a stick on the dew, the thinnest place is thinner than nails." Asked whether the 1 wall hardened with cement? Serious damage must be covered with a layer of protective layer, is not all smooth with mortar and cement for the question of "the wall was smooth, and Liu Fusheng said" cement hardening ", the Suizhong County Cultural Relics Bureau explained that the statement is not accurate, the renovation is to rescue project, rain big time collapse risk, the entire renovation process is reasonable, technology is not a problem, but also the use of materials is not all mortar or cement. Liaoning Provincial Bureau of cultural relics Ding Hui in an interview with Beijing News reporter相关的主题文章:

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