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· fire to the universe "treasure dream GO" walking distance up to Pluto as this year’s most popular Mobile Games "demon treasure can dream GO" after a record five Guinness world records, and created a new record. According to the official announcement of the game, in the game released less than three months, "elf treasure can dream GO" Trainer game player has walked more than 4 billion 600 million kilometers, which is equivalent to the distance from the earth to pluto. Because playing "magic treasure can dream GO" need to walk while looking for the elves, so the game can record the player has been walking distance. After the release of the game, more than 100 countries and regions around the world to play the game. In September 8th, the developer announced on the official website of the world’s players together a total of 4 billion 600 million kilometers of news. The earth is about 4 billion 600 million km distance to Pluto, even now NASA new aircraft will take 9 years to arrive, which shows the game’s popularity. Game official also expressed gratitude to the players: Thank you, no matter what the world can love wizard treasure can dream." In the latest Apple conference, Apple Corp announced the apple watch can also play the magic treasure can dream GO news. It seems that game player walk 5 billion kilometers is the breakthrough point the day and await for it.相关的主题文章:

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