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How did the late Qing officials deal with the Catholic Church? – Shanghai, a modern Sohu, is not only the most open frontier of China, but also the center of Christianity in china. The story of Xu Guangqi and the missionary Matteo Ricci, has been in the history textbooks and all kinds of research being repeated in. Xujiahui, which was later operated by Xu, became the center of the missionary work of the whole Catholic Church in the late Qing dynasty. Late Qing Dynasty officials and the Shanghai Catholic Church in the second half of nineteenth Century, Xujiahui as the center of the Catholic Church in Shanghai, attracted a lot of attention of late Qing officials. As the material space carrier of the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church became the focus and focus of the late Qing officials. In the late Qing Dynasty officials, there are some important figures, modern thinkers such as Guo Songtao, the Manchu officials Chonghou etc.. It is necessary for us to know the history of the Catholic church before the relationship between the officials of the late Qing Dynasty and the Catholic Church in Shanghai. In the history of the late Qing Dynasty in Jiangnan Parish, Xujiahui Catholic Church a new two seat, a new seat which is now St. Ignatius Cathedral, in the hall opened in October 22, 1910. Xujiahui Catholic Church of Shanghai and another famous Dongjiadu Catholic Church, its construction function is as the cathedral, by Robert Ji bishop in November 21, 1847 presided over the groundbreaking ceremony, held until March 30, 1853 coronation. It is worth mentioning that, with the building of the Dongjiadu Road Station in Shanghai in February 1847, is used to pay has been changed to the main hall of the Guan Yu Temple. At the Shanghai Catholic run by "Yi Wen Lu", the newspaper office is located in Xujiahui, founded in 1878. "Yi Wen Lu" founded since 1878 to 1911 year-end issue, experienced "Yi Wen Lu", "Yi Wen", "Gezhi report report" the evolution of the process, when people become western understanding and the Catholic one of the window. In "Yi Wen Lu" the news, including the late Qing government and the size of government officials concerned, also published some of the officials and the interaction between the Shanghai Catholic Church News report. This provides a unique perspective for us to examine the relationship between the Catholic Church and modern Shanghai society. "Yi Wen Lu" Guo Songtao and Catholic contact in the late Qing Dynasty diplomatic history, Guo Songtao (1818-1891) was a famous diplomat from the past. Guo Songtao’s diplomatic career started in the first year of Guangxu (1875), is the cause of the "Margary affair in February of that year". Two years Guangxu (1876) late in October 17th, Guo Songtao et al from Shanghai by ship to the UK, became the first British Minister China. Guangxu five years at the beginning of March five (1879.3.27), Guo Songtao returned to Shanghai. Guo Songtao visited many places during his stay in Shanghai. March 20th (1879.4.11), he and two friends came together and Gezhi academy, the Reverend Lin Lezhi and America (Young John Allen) supervision talks. What is interesting is that Guo Songtao visited the "small machines" and "chemical machines" hidden by Lin Yue, and went to the Xujiahui Catholic church together with the latter.相关的主题文章:

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