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Many colleges and universities for optional bedroom: "custom" instead of "going" visual Chinese for map at the beginning of November winter 6 in the morning, the window is a dark, grade 2016 in Communication University of China Department of photography is often rubbing her eyes up to that of the homegrown variety. She is not afraid to get up and wake up a roommate, she knew that Changle can accurately get out of bed in the she brushed her teeth, and then Siqi xiaohui. Between them, already had this kind of control rhythm tacit understanding. This year, according to the notice on the admission notice of Communication University of China, from August 18, 2016 to August 22nd period, the new students can log in to the official website or concerned about the Logistics Department of the WeChat public number, online selection of beds. Communication University of China (hereinafter referred to as "biography") has become the first university in Beijing to be free to choose roommates. Since 2012, Huazhong Normal University, Northwestern University, University of Electronic Science and technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other colleges and universities have launched a bedroom optional system. With the optional somewhat different is that this year, before the start of the school through the network platform in Shanghai Univer, the acquisition of new requirements for accommodation and roommates. The platform such as "early" postgraduate studies "and" employment "option, student selection, the system will automatically match the high degree of students to a bedroom. Data show that this year the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as "China") more than 90% students to participate in the online free; Renmin University of China last year there are more than 70% students completed the questionnaire. Shanghai Univer student community culture construction director Chu teacher said: "last year pilot schools’ personalized accommodation", a year later, more than 500 new economicmanagement without a request to the bedroom." Can be seen, the choice of students in the bedroom while being sought, effectively alleviate the contradiction in the dormitory. And whether the long-term existence of the optional dormitory, college teachers and students have become a topic of concern. The correct way to open the bedroom choose to take the initiative to set the roommate is the art class candidates. In April, when the examination admission results announced, from a professional radio host Gu Zaibing first met call the good sisters Xiao Yang art. She said happily: "we are waiting for test when they met, did not think the last roommate is when the little sisters share the joys and sorrows of art!" This year, the arts by lucky people can choose roommates, with each other already familiar classmates for 4 years. The new students who have not met, it is through the network in the summer to form a small group. There are new students posted in the school posted personal information, widely known roommate. Wenzhou University City College post posted a roommate to find a collection of stickers: I am electrical professional, looking for 4 room roommate, personal preference for basketball and DOTA, did not burst of temper!" "Design, roommate, no smoking." On the morning of August 18th, more than 4000 students came together into the official website, a few minutes later, the dormitory was almost sold out". There are also a lot of Freshmen in the new group, class "water group" to determine the roommate. In the new branch Hao memories, before the start of the day, he and several of his boys in the class group mutual Kan, a third in a dormitory Xiangyang welcome volunteers and away from the toilet, a few people live in the dormitory immediately decided. The first element of students choosing a roommate is a common topic of congenial personality. New biography of the Department of photography相关的主题文章:

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