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Small P teacher: a hair grandpa can buy a good single product! A few days before the onset of the parity good use of skin care products and cosmetics brand loved by everyone, but the last one is in accordance with the brand to recommend, so a lot of good affordable single product and not written on the inside ~ today to share with you cheap and easy to use a single product! All is almost a grandpa Mao can buy it ~ so you come clean Biore Cleansing Milk reference price: 59rmb is like a lotion, almost no taste of what! Remove some of the makeup remover completely without pressure, will not feel greasy or tight. The key is to use the cheap and bowl, feeling really uncomfortable, but also do not cause the price of Freeplus facial acne ~ ~ reference: 150RMB this is a system with amino acid foaming cleansing can play dense foam, washed clean, do not feel not pull tight, sensitive skin can also use About ~ Me remove yellow paste reference price: 89rmb used at the beginning did not feel what effect, but after three weeks of use, you will find that your black is less, the pores become smaller, skin looks bright some make-up so we come ~ SOFINA oil isolation makeup before the milk reference price: 98RMB many girl T area is easy the makeup of the oil slick, the isolation oil control effect is really super praise, it is a specially developed oil problem according to the beauty of Asian women T Makeup products, even if you are in hot and humid regions will not spend makeup Oh ~ Etude eyebrow pencil reference price: 20RMB Etude has always been a very high cost of the brand, the product design is very reasonable, a head is drawn with eyebrow pencil, a brush head is more natural, hand residual party and make-up novice can use! So we come Eau basic skincare Precieus precious water reference price: 72rmb this is absolutely youpi nemesis, looks like a bottle of large mineral water!! But a little attention to the mouth of the bottle there is little use when it can, when the toner used, run out of the summer you will feel the face out of the oil slowly become less obvious, we must avoid the dry skin!! There is blain and closed girls can use it at attaining global cotton prices, acne will Yishilu toner reference soon Whitehead ~: 75Rmb this toner has been ranked in the top three of the make-up water in COSME beauty liquid, moisturizing whitening is red, blue, freckle, acne, dull skin preferred. Green oil moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti acne, there is always a right for you! AHC firming moisturizing eye cream reference price: 85rmb this cream is not only very complete, but very quickly absorbed, will not feel greasy! Even if only a thin layer of coating can also have a good moisturizing effect! Suitable for any skin, even pregnant women can also use Oh ~ the United Kingdom Boots cucumber moisturizing cream reference price: 28rmb as a mask it is a capital of cabbage is not only thick相关的主题文章:

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