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About ETF you want to know are here in September 2nd, food guide wrote an article "super good investment tool, fool can use it to make money", with the introduction of the super good investment tool ETF. The result is quite a lot of people are surprised to ask ETF how to buy, how to pick. So, today, the food guide to write an article to introduce the Raiders ETF configuration, in the hope that we can help the friends. ETF what? Let’s take a look at what ETF can buy. From the investment point of view, ETF can be divided into stock, bond, commodity. The stock type ETF can be divided from the following angles. 1 scale index is the market – small cap index, different types of scale index reflects the different characteristics of the scale of A shares in the market overall performance. For example, we are common CSI 300, CSI 500, the gem index, are scale index. 2 industry index by industry classification, and now ETF involves a lot of industry, there are consumer, securities, medicine, information technology, finance, energy, real estate, etc.. 3 strategic index can be understood as the index is not the same as the traditional index. At present, the strategic index ETF mainly refers to the different ways of weighting: the market capitalization weighted method. Strategic index uses non market capitalization, such as the basic weight, fixed weight, etc.. Such as small right (159921), the fund is on the small board stocks with the weight of the way. 4 style index is now ETF in the value and growth of the style index of the two types, in fact, only the fund is only 3. The 5 theme theme index index and industry index of some similar difference index index formed around a theme concept or theme stocks may contain many industries, such as the reform of state-owned enterprises. 6 overseas index overseas asset allocation is now a popular demand, overseas ETF Hong Kong stock index, NASDAQ, S & P 500, Germany, etc.. ETF how to pick? The first step, set the direction. This step is essentially what we often say asset allocation. On the one hand, I hope you will be configured according to your preferences. On the other hand, investment is a very difficult thing, many small partners do not understand their needs, do not know what the configuration. At this point we can choose the basic version – China Securities Index Co provides several core wide base index. CSI 300, CSI 500, CSI 1000, gem, etc.. If the past from the performance point of view, the CSI 1000 and the gem that small cap index is better, the growth of a large space, the CSI 500 is also good, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 more general. Although historical returns can not represent future earnings, but also an important reference. If you think the future market will be dominated by blue chip, it can choose the CSI 300 index fund. Second step, pick index. Determine the general direction of the investment, you want to search the fund according to keywords, such as dishes recommended before the pharmaceutical sector. Well, you still face a possible outcome is forced meng! Because you search on the page appeared at least 8 funds! Index alone, there are Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 medicine, Shanghai pharmaceutical, all refers to the medicine, the certificate of subdivision of medicine, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine in the card 500! So many index.相关的主题文章:

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