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Always "average" small white-collar income how to climb the average? When people celebrate the double eleven, mustering the strength to buy buy buy when Xiao Han was in how to make more money a broken mind. Recently, Zhaopin released a "boom" report on employment market in the third quarter of 2016 and 2016 "autumn China white-collar employer demand and supply of talent report". The report shows that the average monthly salary of 9642 yuan in Shanghai before tax ranked in the top second. Xiao Han looked at the number of the channeling can only sigh: once again the average." Xiao Han is a private enterprise employees, more than three years, compared to that from 4000 yuan of salary just graduated, the wages of 8000 yuan is also pay a lot, but the average wage compared with each agency announced, Xiao Han always "in drag". The average wage does not win, which means that the income of Xiao Han is behind most of the white-collar workers. If it is a local, there is room to live, there is a free meal to eat, it is not necessary to worry about low income, but Xiao Han is not a native. Xiao Han was born in a small town in the three line of the city, parents are ordinary workers, home conditions are not rich, but to buy a suite in the three line of the city was able to bear. But Xiao Han and his girlfriend did not intend to go back home, and two people intend to get married early next year. If you want this money to buy a house in Shanghai, certainly can not afford, so this time the agency announced the average wage is particularly worried about the small han. In addition to wage income, usually fried stocks, but the deficit earn less, this time he consulted the financial planner, I hope in the financial planner’s proposal, the small Han can find their own financial management approach. The financial planner provided three suggestions to Xiaohan: income deposit = spending due to Han has been since the money habits are: Revenue – expenses = deposit, so once a month to spend more of this month will lead to insufficient funds, even if things go on like this, no deposit, Xiao Han deposit accumulation is very slow three years down, only down less than 50 thousand yuan. The financial planner suggested Xiao Han should establish a correct concept of financial management, the adjustment for money habits: income deposit = get a monthly wage expenditure, first set aside part of the savings, the remaining part of the re used as expenses. Increase the wage income other than income Finance Division learned that small Han in addition to wage income, only stocks in other income, and less thanks to win. Now the market is more popular P2P financial Korea did not dare to try, the platform thunderstorms, running on the road constantly, Xiao Han think the risk is too great. So Xiao Han is currently the main revenue of only wage income, once the job changes, the risk of personal financial income is very weak. Financial planner suggested that small Han can be appropriate to increase the income other than wages, such as financial income. Appropriate to invest their own small Han to increase income at the same time, should not forget their own investment, it is a highly variable situation, new technology and new skills are constantly updated in advance with the times, as if the people in the workplace behind the rapid changes in the industry requirements, will lose their competitiveness, natural salary is not high. Xiao Han as a job dissatisfaction with 5 years of work, there is a greater potential for development, this time should continue to charge.相关的主题文章:

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