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Barcelona short winter window 20 million purchase of Chelsea gates to pry the Juventus winger – Sohu   sports; Barcelona short winter window 20 million purchase of Chelsea iron gate while Barcelona has world football’s most sharp MSN Trident, but the defense rotten such as slag, 7 Liga games lost 10 goals, is the West over three strong maximum number of goals; because of this, Barcelona is currently only 13 points, ranked in the league standings fourth, this is the red and blue army in recent years the worst start. Obviously, Barcelona think this season three crown, it is necessary to strengthen the defence, it is reported that the red and blue coach Enrique has, until January next year after the introduction of the winter window open, Andreas – Christensen wins the signings of players. British media, the sun broke the news, Barcelona in order to sign Christensen, has prepared a transfer fee of 20 million pounds. Christensen is 22 years old, height 1 meter 88, the Danish international, from Chelsea academy, 2014 into the first team, but only made 3 appearances for the blues, failing to gain a foothold in the Standford bridge, so long in the rent state. The last two seasons, Christensen is all in the Monchengladbach spent so far on behalf of the Bundesliga giants played 49 times, scoring 3 goals, the new season in 10 appearances, all started and played the full 90 minutes. At the Monchengladbach 1-2 defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League group phase, Christensen start, good performance, the game in the Danish guard’s performance attracted the attention of red and blue army coach Enrique. For Barcelona, Mathieu, Peake and other players have been veteran, the team needs to be such a fresh blood, such as the. It is necessary to point out that Barcelona wants to sign Christensen, must find Chelsea talks, and Conti is also for the defender to worry about, he hopes to find a suitable substitute for Cahill and Terry, so the blues selling Christensen, it is hard to say. At the same time, the Spanish media "sports world" broke the news, Barcelona in January next year will certainly open the window. Vidal, at right back, to bring in a player, the club has targeted, will strive for the introduction of Leigh F Steiner. In fact, after the introduction of Alves at Juventus, Leigh F Steiner is going to leave this summer, but the Swiss wing to Milan international, was strongly opposed to the Bianconeri, but he eventually left the team. Jean Leigh F Steiner’s situation is worse, he defeated Juventus Champions League squad, which made him very disappointed. Of course, Leigh F Steiner’s departure from the Bianconeri is only a matter of time since his contract with Juventus expires in the summer. The Spanish media "world sports daily" said, in the right back position, Barcelona has Robert, so no need to buy a play the main players, the signing of Leigh F Steiner such a veteran enough; it is worth mentioning that, since the new season, Leigh F Steiner only played the play are pretty good, 3 times in Serie A and scored 1 the ball 1 assists, scored 1 goals in the Italy Derby, help Juventus away 1-1 draw with inter Milan; of course, if Leigh F Steiner join)相关的主题文章:

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