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Beautiful paintings teachers must face the public questioned — and — original title: beautiful mural artists must face the public questioned recently, a young Shanxi mural restoration division in micro-blog became popular, with micro-blog in "I in Hongdong murals" work diary and high color value, attracted a large number of users praise. "Looks like Kim Hee Sun, both color value and a wonderful feeling". However, these days, the female mural Division has begun to be questioned, questioned that the level and ability of its cultural relics repair, not in the repair of cultural relics in the ruins. (September 10th "Beijing Youth Daily") a beautiful young and beautiful, has a star like face, but willingly all day immersed in the ancient buildings, doing the mural restoration work, in many peers still somewhat impetuous moment, alone in this lonely mood and do things unremittingly spirit, enough as many of their peers, example, worthy of praise. However, in the harvest of numerous "praise" at the same time, the woman was questioned by many netizens questioned her, she questioned the mural restoration level of mural so-called repair is actually the destruction of cultural relics. This phenomenon reflects at least two phenomena, one is now some users more and more rational, is no longer the motionless "moved" group; two is the cultural relics protection awareness is growing, more and more ordinary people are paying attention to the protection of cultural relics, and through their own voices, for the protection of praise, destruction of the attack. This is a good thing for cultural relics protection. For the restoration of cultural relics, everyone has a different understanding, there are different opinions in academic circles, different countries in practice often uphold the idea of different repair – some to repair the old, or simply do not repair, as long as the best conditions to provide protection; one is to repair the old as new, repair get close to its original look. Two the concept of right and wrong, the merits, then each one according to his lights. Personal ability and the value of the high and low does not matter, the effect of the work and the starting point of the workers are not necessarily linked. Cultural relics belong to the state, belonging to the people, therefore, whether teachers can not adapt to the repair work with her since the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, cultural relics, her every act and every move must accept the supervision of the public. Moreover, since she has been active or passive to the public, it is necessary to respond to public questions. Users are not the protection of cultural relics experts, they questioned not correct, but it may not be correct, after all the users in what are high talented men still remained in concealment. So, for users questioned, the authorities can not only use the phrase "the company qualified to respond, and should use a more authoritative appraisal conclusion to explain to friends, after all, only qualified will repair, repair, but repair how character does not meet the standards, or by authoritative experts and departments to test it. Wen Zhang Nanzhi (commissioning editor: Dong Zilong and Lu Jing)相关的主题文章:

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