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Before this year’s Booker prize his book by British publishers rejected 18 times the guardian source: original title: Turned down 18 times. Then Paul Beatty won the Booker Higgins Author: Charlotte (Translation: Li Ruiyi) American writer Paul Beattie? 3 years ago, the Booker Prize changed the rules and regulations of any nationality writers are eligible for the award and as long as their work is English written and published in the uk. Paul Beattie? Became the first woman to win the Booker Prize of Americans, but he hardly published what works in the uk. Beatty think, his fourth novel is a hot potato for British publishers". His agent said that the Beatty poetic novels full of rhythm, not sticking to formalities by more than 18 publishers rejected. Finally, a small independent publisher named Oneworld took over, Oneworld was founded by a couple in 1986. The company won the Booker Prize twice was celebrating this extraordinary success, because the company also published Malone before James’s murder? "Seven events (A History of Seven of Brief Killings)". Now 54 years old, Beattie said: "I feel very strange." On the morning of the second day of winning the prize, the writer, who was born in Losangeles and lived in New York, felt a bit dizzy, probably due to lack of sleep. The friendly writer overcame his reluctance to talk about his work. "I think this is a good book, I wonder why they don’t come out, is there anything wrong with it?. But I don’t want to guess the reason, will feel very hurt. I often think, ‘really? No one wants to publish yet? " I guess the publisher doesn’t think the book will sell." He did not flinch, but still doubt that publishers think the content of this book is too spicy, too not sticking to formalities too strange. In addition to these features, in some ways, the book’s black cultural color is quite obvious. To read people gasped, hidden smile and tears. In the "sold out" (The Sellout) a book, who want to restore segregated schools, so reluctantly lies in their own home Losangeles Dekins District hired a slave. No matter how it is divine affairs in the eyes of others, and even the American civil rights movement, is the wisdom of sharp Everfount gradually exposed beatty. "I saw the editor, and they said they liked the book, but they didn’t publish it. I felt a little hurt. I don’t know what it means, "Beattie said," sometimes I have romantic things, I even back to the Hallam Renaissance (translator’s note: also known as the Black Renaissance, in 1920s to the outbreak of the economic crisis in the past 10 years, a literary movement in the United States of New York ghetto Negro writer Hallam launch. At that time, people would say, ‘you can’t sell this book, but I believe in you,’ and I think the publishing industry"相关的主题文章:

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