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Beijing in the fall of the most anticipated residential inventory Kim Gu half out of season in the tradition of the new technology, new industries and traditional residential industries have new content to show to everyone in this "buy buy buy" in the season, buy a house must guanzhuziji hand and daughter-in-law’s hand, one of the most in this life things, choose the most suitable, the highest price of the project is the kingly way. So young and have a certain economic strength to buy a house or to give priority to the choice of 70 years of residential property, compared with a more comfortable living space and green environment. From the economic aspect, Shoufu 30% can be, and in the daily management fee, water and electricity is cheaper on these costs. At the same time it is best to choose the name of the enterprise disk, housing prices as the brand to buy the same brand, there is a better quality assurance and in some ways reflects the quality of their own buyers. But the dragon head but no tail property was always elusive, the opening time is always to be determined, the intention of the buyers to get up every day the first thing to do is to see a single kind of express check out these 70 residential opening of the latest news, what is the reason caused the current residential site so concern. From the direction of view, reduce the entity industry downturn in the background of land resources, in order to seek the value of financial capital will be more investment in the real estate industry, rising demand, prices will naturally rise. Although the future of the property market will be adjusted, but due to the unprecedented concentration of the market overheating, cyclical adjustment time will be longer, so the short term is expected to stabilize prices in Beijing rose, especially residential products. In addition to the factors of price and appreciation of space, regional influence is the largest, most of the current Tongzhou residential project for the whole period, the remaining family apartment layout large square apartment layout. The new site is less, Tongzhou city light (real estate information) · four jade as a high-end product of Vanke emerald department, after the opening will become a star in Tongzhou, set a minimum of 7 million yuan price seems to have become a standard to improve the type of 128 square meters, 2-4 in the Department of Ping said the owners can be unlimited customized apartment layout pattern according to personal preferences, provoke a crowd to see the infinite system.. Daxing son of the South China Sea on the west side of the park China railway construction · Flower King County (real estate information) before the high-level products have been sold, although the opening price has reached 55000 yuan, but still could not stop the purchase of the second half of the project in droves, plus other top products, the specific time to be determined, like in Daxing home buyers can pay more attention to. Changping, the most recent buyers in addition to the first founding beautiful Tang (real estate information owners forum), is the Emerald Park (real estate information), Beiqijia is very likely in the future as the subway Tiantongyuan north along the route, and the latest news is Dingsi road has been determined to upgrade, convenient transportation security is bound to the land of Beiqijia the extraordinary, and famous enterprises Vanke the achievements of the Emerald Park, rather than the achievements of the Beiqijia emerald park. The first Hua Runcheng (real estate information), the average price of 70000 yuan square meters of the giant real estate to 8 billion 625 million yuan, occupy Beijing land auction.相关的主题文章:

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