Bibb was in love a month break Insider two people play (video) minmi

Bibb was in love a month break Insider: two people to play with Bibb again traced broke rude! Bibb concert to reject the fans present Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, the 22 year old Canadian heartthrob Justin · Bibb and veteran American singer Lionel Richie’s 18 year old daughter Sofia Richie about 1 months before the public affair, Sofia last month in Mexico to celebrate the birthday, holiday together with her Justin. Justin and Sofia until the earlier heats up, allegedly Sofia once thought to be big belly pregnancy, until second, 3 times before the test was negative. But for his girlfriend soon Justin, has been traced to break up with Sofia, two people recently have no public appearances together, rarely contact. Insiders said: in fact, they are not officially together, just play. The beginning of a good passion, but because Justin do not want to have a formal girlfriend, so would like to calm down two people, just let nature take its course." Justin ready to battle all corners of the country, Sofia also does not seem to be too sad, weekend days are at the party with friends carnival.相关的主题文章:

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