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"Change it in" Shao Peifa "star God trick Yang Wei to solve the" heart "- Sohu" change it in the entertainment star "Shao Pei and Yang Wei Yang Wei joined AC Sohu entertainment news" the variety of star ranking ". Since the Anhui satellite TV broadcasting since the" God "designer Shao Pei has been in the position of the guests, though witty verse one after another, but still feel a" sell face "of the suspects, even the host Zhou Qun in the program said directly, because Shao Peichang is handsome, I am concerned about him, he is to support, this is not the sister who tolerance! But on Tuesday night in this period, Shao Pei finally made the big move, the program became his home court; not only that, as he also designed IHNMA international hypnotist identity with a hint of hypnosis, psychological knowledge of psychology, to solve a big heart for the Olympic star Yang Wei". Shao Pei Yang Wei restaurant named "the transformation of the universe strongest energy station there is a skeleton in the cupboard, the transformation program, for his restaurant Yang Wei is also expensive spirit, his request is actually very simple, but it has become Yang Wei’s heart, Yang Wei wants to have a meal, let the children love for the elderly don’t worry about the restaurant. Originally, Yang Wei’s son, Yang Yangyang does not like to eat, the elderly are also worried about this. For this reason, Shao Pei designers for their design named as "the strongest universe energy station", although the name was very sci-fi, but Shao Pei finally decoration idea is very down to earth. The program, Shao Pei said, and again, your design must be warm and comfortable, completely solve the problem of the family of three generations! Thus, Shao Pei will not only Yang Yangyang’s portrait of Captain America 3D love with acrylic painting way in the restaurant, in the space, Shao Pei has adopted a "symmetrical structure stable solemn" principle, to take care of the aesthetic needs of three generations, most other people is Shao PEI as the acme of perfection with a lot of cartoon hero portrait and with a portrait of Yang Yangyang, the use of hypnosis embedded anchoring technique, let their children after entering the restaurant, there will be a psychological hint: "as long as I eat well, I will become a super hero" is Shao Pei said this is a psychological theory of "renju effect", so the anchor buried heart 28 days later, Yang Yangyang will completely solve the food problem! Shao Pei with details of the design captured Yang Wei carefully so that he won the first victory as a senior interior designer, Shao Pei in this program, showing a high level of absolute and especially will be out of the ordinary, psychology use to design, but also let him pull the distance with other designers. In fact the house again how are people living, Shao Pei has always stressed that the home is all about is psychology, live comfortable or not, it will directly affect people’s mood! The mood influence behavior, behavior habits, habits change character, so in this transformation of Yang Wei’s restaurant, every detail of Shao Pei is not only a super hero portrait of all threads neatly tied up, including the strong. There was a light, but also uses a Batman style, the most stunning is that Shao Pei also had a retractable hanging chair for Yang Yangyang, when eating down into a rocking chair, after dinner to form the ceiling相关的主题文章:

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