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Decryption Dashanlan "three Qing Yuan" is regarded as the birthplace of Beijing Opera – in a 220 year history of the famous three celebration Park reopened, has become a hot topic of the capital theatre. The first year of Jiaqing (1796), "Sanqingban" and is located in the capital of the Yan Dashanlan Locke joint venture, will be transformed into a special feast Locke theater place and named the three Qing Yuan, was a smash hit. Then, "Sanqingban" and four, and spring, spring Taiwan collectively referred to as the "four huiban opening staged in Beijing, as Beijing Opera began to form a landmark event. "As the main place of four huiban in capital performance is three Qing Yuan, so it has been regarded as one of the birthplace of Chinese opera…… "Three Qing Yuan" started in the name of the first year of Jiaqing huiban was one of the founder of the "three" Sanqingban "Qing Yuan" is located in the front door Dashanlan Street No. 18, old Beijing’s first opera garden of. According to the clear daoguangnianjian publication of the book "and" academic records: "today three Qing Yuan, Qianlong banquet with Locke also, the very vast, this also from the precipitation of the pawnshop." According to the Qing emperor Qian Long of Jiangnan, watch the Kunqu Opera in Yangzhou terminal (Nan Kun) show, to put back the Kunqu opera performances for the Royal concubines, and Eight Banners in the palace, popular. Qian Long fifty-five years (1790), to celebrate the eighty birthday of emperor Qian Long, Yangzhou salt merchants Jiang heting organized a Anhui troupes in Anqing, named "Sanqingban", the artist gaolangting led to the capital. It is Sanqingban rate Beijing advanced performance, open the most important events in the history of Peking Opera "the emblem of the capital". "Sanqingban" won the praise in the capital city of the South should be followed, but because the performance is too hot, then stay in the capital. The first year of Jiaqing (1796), "Sanqingban" and the joint venture will feast feast Locke, Locke into San Qing Park, began to play as the main operating theatre. Following the "Sanqingban" Beijing show, "and" spring Sixi combo "class" and "spring day" will continue to perform in Beijing, and the three Qing Yuan is the main venue for them, the "four huiban" long round of play, "four huiban" Jin Jing is regarded as the symbol of Peking Opera began to form events. With the continuous innovation of productions, singing, opera, opera, opera absorption and Shaanxi opera, folk art and other rock essence, gradually formed a new Peking opera. To the end of Qing Dynasty, Qing Yuan and three Guangde buildings, and wide buildings, Qing Xuan, fun park, park, garden Qinghe and known as the "city of seven opera garden", the three Song Qing Yuan said. In June 15, 1900, Qianmen Dashilan fire, three Qing Yuan and Qing Park, and the park, Qinghe Park Theatre all burned. By 1905, wine broker Zhang Yunpeng and gamble Luo four, open mill Wang 53 joint rehabilitation three Qing yuan. After the restoration of the opera performances, but also operating the film screenings, which became one of the first theater in Beijing to operate the film screenings. "Sanqingban" fire continued until mid twentieth Century. In October 1941, Yan Jupeng, Tong Zhiling, Qiu Shengrong Peking Opera in three starring Xie Qing Yuan Shi "as to", was caused in the capital.相关的主题文章:

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