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Experts in the field of energy for China energy transformation and sustainable development suggestions – International – August 26th, the seventh session of the Chinese energy Scientist Forum site. Weifang August 26, today, more than Chinese academician from Academy of engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and many domestic energy field of science, industry and business leaders and the domestic and foreign energy sector on behalf of the owners gathered in Weifang to "innovation driven, the development of science and technology" as the theme, aims to explore based on the global view, facing the future the global energy development challenges and opportunities, the field of environmental protection to share the global clean energy technology innovation and experience, provide the basis and ideas for the energy industry organization, business elite decision-making in the field of sustainable development, boost Chinese energy transformation and sustainable development. Academician Huang Qili entitled "science and technology innovation is the impetus to the development of clean energy" the keynote speech, said, first, constantly improve the power generation efficiency, reduce the cost of power generation, is an important way for the development of clean energy. Second, the development model is very important, centralized and distributed simultaneously, in order to better clean energy development. Third, run the consumptive — source, network, load side joint force, unstable consumption of clean energy. Fourth, smart grid, including the electricity market, the distribution of the region, with the purpose of large-scale use of clean energy, change, reform, and even the revolution of traditional wind power planning, production, transmission, scheduling and electricity production. The transition from a high carbon fossil energy era to a clean energy renewable energy era requires the joint efforts of the whole nation and the whole society. The key to accelerate the development of wind power industry under the new situation is to improve the return on investment in wind farm construction, and how to correctly select the wind turbine is the top priority to improve the return rate." Shandong Rui Electric Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Qizhi’s speech, the correct choice of fans, improve the efficiency of the wind in the venue a heated discussion. Zhang Qizhi elaborated on the "high", "high" that is the same type, rated power, blade diameter, tower height, with the same wind field, refers to the conditions of the same period, power generation is much higher. "Low" is the same type, with the wind, the same period of maintenance, maintenance costs to be lower. The fan Rui first reaches "one high and one low" criteria, the participating academicians and representatives of admiration "China creation" charm. Ni Weidou, academician of the energy field of new technologies and new methods of appreciation, he said: "the private enterprises in the country under the leadership of all aspects have achieved good results, great creativity, they would hope to get a full discussion and promotion at the meeting. Shandong Rui the electrical company put forward in the field of wind power "high fan quality" judgment method, can improve the effectiveness of wind farm, wind farm can benefit in many national promotion is not too high." It is reported that fellow participants and China Academy of engineering will be in 27 days to visit Weifang Huadian International wind field investigation Ricky can run live cut low fan speed, low rated wind speed and high utilization rate. Chinese Academy of engineering, Huang made a report. Cao Yaofeng, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering. Shandong Rui Electric Co., Ltd. chairman Zhang Qizhi  . (commissioning editor: Xu Buyun (Intern), Chang Hong)相关的主题文章:

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