Feixi boy was strange woman took off the boy stopped by security alert hukou diamondprox

Feixi boy was strange woman took off the boy stopped by security alert "hukou" Xin’an Anhui Evening News Network ( ) news; late on September 24th, Feixi County State Plaza has a breathtaking scene. Ms. Zhang, who lives near the 5 year old son Xiao Xiao (a pseudonym) to the square to see her daughter show. After the end of the show, Xiao Xiao followed her sister to buy things, but it was gone. When Miss Zhang is frantically looking for duty security Wang Chuanchang did not know. He was on patrol found a woman holding a boy, and the boy has been struggling in her arms crying. Wang Chuanchang feel wrong, the woman stopped. Feixi police are investigating the matter. The boy suddenly disappeared in the square. "If the child can’t find it, the house will be scattered." Remember what happened September 24th night scene, Ms. Zhang has a lingering fear. That night, 11 year old daughter and art school partners in the square performances, Ms. Zhang took his son to watch the age of 5 years old. "At about 9:20 in the evening, the show is over. The daughter went to the store next to buy things, the son ran along." Ms. Zhang said, when she was chatting with teachers. Xiao Xiao usually like to play with her sister, the store is also very close, so she did not think. "We didn’t care. Younger brother thought her sister to buy food with the past, but the sister did not know his brother followed." Ms. Zhang’s daughter’s art school principal told reporters, about 2 minutes later, her sister to buy things back, but there is no figure behind Xiao Xiao. "2 minutes, when my sister came back, I asked her, brother? She said I don’t know. We quickly find separately." Zhang said that the square is very large, she desperately called his son’s name, no one responded. More than and 10 minutes later, still did not find the shadow of Xiao Xiao, she was scared and weak, collapsed on the ground. Boy crying in the woman’s arms, when we organize all the teachers and parents to look for. Upstairs and downstairs, the shops are all gone." President Nie said, he also specifically to the monitoring room monitoring, but because more than 9 points, the square lights out, the light is a bit dark, can not see. In Miss Zhang and teachers frantically looking for, when the security guard on duty that night Wang Chuanchang patrol, he did not know what happened to Xiao Xiao. At this time, he saw a fifty year old woman with a boy, but the boy was crying in the arms of the struggle. "I have seen the child, often play in the square, have some familiar. But that woman, I haven’t seen it." Wang said that the woman was about 50 years old, the boy crying and struggling, causing him to be alert, "I went over to her and asked her, ‘the child is your home?" She said it was not. I said, why do you hold him? She said, the child lost, children below, to send him home." Wang Chuanchang told reporters that his family lived in the neighborhood, very familiar with this area, however, where the woman referred to no residential district, which makes him suspicious. "I can’t see her, just tell her I’m a security guard.相关的主题文章:

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