First love small actor slapped the street and others were shelling was released mycoolboy

"First love" small actor slapped the street of others were shelled and released "first love" plays a senior actor Nott AkanatNott Akanat extension by motorcyclists roared down the collar, palm entertainment news according to Taiwan media Tencent "ETtoday" reported that the Thailand film "pure first love" swept the whole of Asia, the actor Maril (Mario Maurer), actress Pincenale Visser Pi Boone (Chinese Name: Lv Aihui) has created high popularity. The film plays "a senior extension" actor (NOTT AKANAT) AIKE recently into a storm hit, the film after exposure by the shelling, belonging to GMM company announced on 7 and dropped him, once the career path is ruined. The 28 year old AIKE in the "first love that little thing" to play the leading role of the students. In addition to theatrical performances, but also as a host of cross-border. He MINI days before driving a yellow car, grabbed the street motorcycle rider collar, grabbed the front car roared to the knight accused, then shot Chongshuai slap, scene onlookers photographed the movie is uploaded, was immediately bombarded users. AIKE held a press conference to apologize, but still not performing the work. His company, GMM TV issued a statement on 7 July, the company that beat behavior have a bad influence on young people, society, host, actor contracts were cancelled and other television announced the cancellation of his show, broadcast TV show. In addition, he was awarded the "2016 annual Thai Model Award" has been cancelled to recover, even in the Japanese Pork Chop shop, Facebook is a large number of users into the shelling, "the boss criticized rude so I’m not going to eat, there are other stores can go".相关的主题文章:

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