General mobilization breakout game Zheng Kai smoke was praised positive energy (video) sopor aeternus

"Wall-E" breakout game Zheng Kai Wang Ning is like smoke with positive energy [Abstract] Jiang Xin, Li Yong, Yu Qian; Changyuan; Zheng Kai and Wang Ning three group partner and guests Huang popular Tiguan love to laugh, Xiao Xu brother Fat Dragon mustering strength to get tickets for the finals, the whole game is smoke rich. Jiang Xin, Li Yong, Yu Qian Zheng Kai, Changyuan Tencent Wang Ning entertainment Zhejiang TV broadcast season original comedy competition play variety comedy "Nemo" has aired breakout game first half on Saturday, Jiang Xin, Li Yong, Yu Qian; Changyuan; Zheng Kai and Wang Ning three group popular partner with guest Huang Yi and love to laugh off the fat dragon, brother Xiao Xu mustering strength to get tickets for the finals, the game is very rich smoke. Jiang Xin, often far into the den playing Li Yong, kissing Yu Qian Peihemoqi this week’s breakout game, Jiang Xin, two people often far as agents of physical therapist, wanted to be a real agent, and often secretly use agent training ground combat exercise. Two people are under a strange combination of circumstances, with the name "Smith" couples in real action. In the face of international thief, two wits, completed the difficult task. In the face of a room full of treasure, the choice of two was comedy mobilization trophy, more on the stage "kiss", caused the scene screaming. Cooperation has been to fourth games, with Li Yong, Yu Qian two people are more understanding, two people on the stage make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks verse constantly. In the continuous "run" after three period, Yu Qian this week was not only Li Yong ridicule "retarded" sit in front of the genuine partner Guo Degang had not survived, but was taken advantage of lying gun. After watching the show, netizens have left a message that Li Yong can stay in the comic dialogue, Li Yong is a delay in the industry has been a crosstalk actor, Yong brother comic dialogue said good, do not consider turning a line". Zheng Kai, Wang Ning yiyanbuge dance spread positive energy Zambia according to Zheng Kai studio broke the news, Zheng Kai University was due to arrange the drama to be late and missed the chance to play Wei Xiaobao, making "the character of Wei Xiaobao Zheng Kai has over the years has been to roles. Last week, Wang Ning circle of Zheng Kai Ferguson tailored work "dream, laurel and misty", two people together, with Oboi on stage, "obediently Burundi boom" and "the deer" (Huang Xiaoming Jordan Chan edition version of Tony Leung version) is a classic line letter came to hand. It is worth mentioning that, in this part of the work to join a lot of people familiar with the refusal to talk about wine driving, driving not to drink, drink not to drive!" Driver a drop of wine, two lines of tears relatives!" Etc are widely spread. Xi’an Traffic Police Brigade official by micro-blog is micro-blog praise, known as "edutaining spread positive energy" good works. This Saturday evening 20:30, comedy mobilization breakout game in the second half of the competition is about to begin, which two groups of guests can successfully qualify for the finals, please look forward to. Empress Jiang Xin incarnation of the "trump card" sexy agents together, often far red "Den" play kiss相关的主题文章:

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