Go to a mental hospital to study after visiting a restaurant in Hunan, a hospital secretary was puni lightscape

Go to the mental hospital to visit a hospital in Hunan after learning to drink was disciplined Secretary of Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection – Sohu news opened the official website "sunshine discipline network, it is not difficult to see that in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems exposure has become the norm. At the same time, "informed of all disciplinary action disciplinary review" column, almost all involving the four winds problem. Six plenary session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the discipline review clearly, found in the "four winds" clues to file for investigation, and never let go. The implementation of the plenary deployment, Hunan province discipline inspection organs at all levels of the "four winds" problem as the discipline review will check the contents, to close hand, not only the behavior severely punished, releasing more back the more stringent discipline distinct signal. No matter how serious the problem of investigation object, to identify the four winds problem of "digging" discipline review four wind "problem, especially the" rotten tree "and carefully pull" sick tree ", some comrades do not understand the beginning." During the interview, the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the comrades talked about such a story — Hunan Provincial Association for science and the former party secretary, vice president Bi Hua. Chenzhou city map according to the clues, the Hunan Provincial Commission for discipline inspection was vice chairman of the Hunan Association for science and technology, the former party secretary Bi Hua for review. After nearly 3 months of the battle of wits, found out the serious violations of discipline, discipline and integrity of national laws and regulations, including gifts received 53 thousand yuan, 2 million 138 thousand yuan bribery, an improper relationship with a number of women, and made a report to the Standing Committee of the provincial Commission for Discipline inspection. The discipline inspection chamber comrades feel, the case has been checked very thoroughly, not to the provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Fu Kui held by the review of the object of repentance, asked: "here he had received a private owner of golf, you check it?" Based on past experience, the investigation group of comrades think big problems have been found out, has been expelled from the party, dismissed from the golf problem does not involve the main facts of discipline, also cannot be verified heavier punishment, coupled with the ad hoc group has no shortage of manpower, this investigation, who know exactly about the Secretary Fu Kui this small thing". Style problems seem small, but it is actually a big thing. The revised Disciplinary Punishment Ordinance, the provisions of the central eight mental discipline with fixed form, the extravagant pleasures, public funds, access to private clubs and other "four winds" problem in the disciplinary process, is not only a powerful measure to deepen the implementation of the central provisions of the spirit of the eight, but also to clear requirements to perform the duties of the Commission for Discipline inspection. Hunan Provincial Commission for discipline inspection party office official said: "in accordance with the deployment of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the six plenary session, we are now in the discipline review include file review, the central eight provisions violate the spirit of ‘four winds’ questions and check the contents must be. For the typical problems in violation of the eight provisions of the spirit, even if the discipline inspection room in the investigation, leaders of party political oversight to depth of involvement and common control." At the end of last year, the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of the seventh discipline inspection chamber were filing for review in Yongzhou City, former vice chairman of CPPCC Liao Qiuwen. When the master issues a clue that Liao Qiuwen suspected of illegal promotion of cadres, construction of hotels and reselling the land issue. But from the beginning of the trail.相关的主题文章:

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