Guangzhou metro line 14 extension of knowledge city construction is completed by the end of 70% aapt.exe

Guangzhou metro line 14 line construction knowledge city completed 70% huge shield machine cutter slowly emerged. Nanfang Daily reporter Fu Chaojun photo Nanfang Daily News (reporter Huang Zujian correspondent Rao Min Chen Xin) I learned that metro line 14 city branch of knowledge Ma Tou Zhuang ~ knowledge North interval recently through lane. So far, the current round of construction of the Guangzhou Metro has more than 23 of the length of the shield to complete the excavation section, the construction of the current round of another milestone in the construction. At the same time, the extension of knowledge city civil construction also completed 70%. According to the relevant person in charge of the previous subway company said, the whole line will strive to be completed by the end of 2017. It is understood that the horse Zhuang ~ knowledge North right interval length 2271 meters, since November 11, 2015 originating shield machine, which lasted 352 days, a month ahead of schedule through. At the end of October, knowledge of the city branch of civil engineering totaled 70%; 10 stations in 8 cities, the main structure has been completed, and the new Zhenlong station construction; 9 interval, Ma Tau Village North of the city, to the south to the knowledge of knowledge, knowledge of the city to the South, Kang Wang Cun knowledge to Wang Village, north of Zhenlong to Kang 5 double penetration, 4 of civil construction. According to the original plan, the city will be completed next year, the city will be opened to traffic, will further improve the transportation of new knowledge city. Editor: GDN008相关的主题文章:

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