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Haikou Changliu Zhen Fu Jiao Cun a Sizai suspects selling diseased pigs for the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter to investigate the Haikou Changliu Zhen Fu Jiao Cun a Sizai, suspects sell dead pork 35 thousand profit was sentenced to sell dead pork to have picked up the generous boss per month to the farm workers "monopoly" unscrupulous money supply the butcher pick good meat every time to market cautious market each send butcher staff not only opened the pages in May 25, 2014 May 24, 2014, Chen was Sizai points to be investigated, the ground dead sporadic bursts of odor. Farmers often pick up the field to Chen was dead, also to the farm acquisition ofpigs. He started to take these fish pork. For a long time, Chen decided to pick out some good color, good quality pork to sell. He drove a pickup truck to pick out the pig legs, ribs and shipped to Haikou Xiuying sea glass market, while the market management is not in, placed empty stalls selling. Chen was in Long Zhen Fu Jiao Cun an abandoned school, choose pork slaughter. In May 24, 2014, the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter from top to Fu Jiao Cun unannounced visits, and shall report to the food and Drug Administration department. Then Chen was Sizai point is end, the scene seized 6 pigs and a large number of unsold dead pork. But Chen to see unannounced visits to the reporter "dressed in neat" and "not buy pork, wary of his and her husband Li Mou first wall and fled the scene. Shortly after the incident, Chen and Li Bao a surrender. Haikou City Xiuying District procuratorate Chen Moucai, Li Bao a suspicion of production, sales do not meet food safety standards crime prosecution. The Xiuying District court verdict, Chen was sentenced to 1 years and 6 months, fined 16 thousand yuan; Li Bao was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment, suspended for 1 years, and fined 2000 yuan. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter He Huirong correspondent Wang Jinliang field to pull a pick up + pig pig disease "help" close relatives originally just for him to pick up the feed, pig farm pigs get their feeding catfish ponds. Promised to give 300 yuan per month to the pig farm monopoly pig supply. 2010, Chen was in Long Fu Jiao Cun contracted aquiculture, the beginning of the end of 2012 catfish. He began to farm acquisition in the area Xiuying or pick up dead, from the wild pigs when feed. Chen’s wife is selling pork, pig is good to chen. He took the dead pig to the abandoned village of a deserted primary school to slaughter, cooked after feeding catfish. A number of pigs, Chen was picking up the acquisition, not much, a person can handle it. He went to the pig farm more times, and some workers knew him. A woman of flower Chen said: "picking up a pig so many dead pigs, which give a little advantage fee?" Chen really promised to give her three hundred dollars a month. See Chen was "generous", pig farm pigs, flowers will contact Chen was to collect. The number of dead pigs to be bought and collected is increasing, and sometimes there are more than 20 bulls a day. Chen was a busy man, called brother lee.相关的主题文章:

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