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Henderson real estate development business sale contraction mainland   Xuhui made part of leading trader – property rights — people.com.cn people.com.cn September 7 Beijing Xinhua (Yu Yanming) the day before, Xu Hui group (00884.HK) and Henderson (00012.HK) signed a cooperation agreement, Xu Hui group at the cost of more than 1 billion yuan, achieved Henderson located in Suzhou, Yixing and Changsha 5 equity real estate projects. Xu Hui and Henderson group cooperation agreement under the sale of these projects with a total area of over 930 thousand square meters. People.com.cn reporter learned that in this cooperation, both sides have cooperation experience, 2013 July and November, Xu Hui group and Henderson real estate in Hangzhou, Shanghai two project cooperation. The two companies are Hong Kong listed companies, prior to each other had the experience of cooperation, mutual recognition, so there is the basis for cooperation." Xu Hui group, a source told the people’s Daily reporter, the 5 projects can be sold in the area close to 1 million square meters. At present, there are still 1 and Henderson real estate project cooperation negotiations on the way, expect cooperation projects can be sold in the area will reach 2 million square meters." Another group of Xu Hui told reporters, 5 projects for the cooperation and cooperation had 2 projects are You Xu Hui group leading trader. People.com.cn reporter from Henderson a person informed, Henderson over a period of time to consider the shrinkage Chinese mainland business, from the regional distribution is gradually withdraw from the three line of the city, and increase the holding, residential property development cooperation in first-tier cities and second tier city core business assets. The first half of this year, Henderson real estate owned land reserves in the 14 city Chinese mainland, construction area of nearly 10 million square meters, of which 78% can be developed into residential property. In addition, the company also has a construction area of nearly 300 thousand square meters of inventory in the mainland. Henderson real estate in the mainland to enter the city including the main city of Shanghai and Guangzhou, according to the classification of the city, into the second tier city including Anshan, Chengdu, Dalian, Changsha, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Shenyang, Suzhou, Tieling, Xi’an, Xuzhou and Yixing. The first half of this year, Henderson real estate in the mainland contract sales of more than HK $5 billion 500 million, an increase of more than 6. While Henderson real estate in Hongkong property sales is only HK $6 billion 200 million, and the gap is not. Most of the sales in the mainland China Henderson from Suzhou City, Henderson Xuhui Aqua City, Shanghai Anber garden, Nanjing Linglong Valley, Yixing Henderson? Known long lakeside project contribution, while Suzhou and Yixing Henderson Aqua Huacheng known long lake project? The choice of Xiang Xu Hui group to sell part of rights and interests. "Xu Hui group now the strategy is still focused on a second tier city, like this made Yixing Henderson real estate project equity, enter the three line of the city are opportunistic. On the initiative, Xu Hui has not entered the three or four line of the city’s intention." The Xuhui group source added, "plus the Henderson is cooperation and strategic cooperation, the two sides do not rule out future more project level cooperation, together with the Suzhou project, Yixing, Changsha project)相关的主题文章:

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