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100 city tour held a million one of the main activities of the ancient oriental design full of new brilliance as network – Beijing Huimin cultural consumption season, "the design of cultural heritage — 100 million city tour Beijing Railway Station, Shichahai is a" Guangfu view display. Here, Chinese ancient cultural heritage and modern design concept combines the collision of intangible cultural heritage heritage project spark of passion — Beijing City Museum of cultural relics and across the country, through cross-border innovation design, with oriental aesthetic spirit, with modern aesthetic needs and cultural creative products. Follow the pace of small series, take you to appreciate these ancient relics and skills is how to shine again. A well-known the Imperial Palace anecdote "in meow" has been to the Imperial Palace people may have the pleasure of seeing the the Imperial Palace cat, and the Imperial Palace painting in the Imperial Palace museum also has a lot of showing the ancient dynasty the Imperial Palace cat. The staff at the exhibition site told reporters that the inspiration of the the Imperial Palace cat came from the cats in the paintings. The cat named "safe", "blood" as Aixinjueluo is yellow Chinese pastoral cat. Staff told reporters that one of the main products of the the Imperial Palace cat – a large exploration of the cat cat AR4D album. The "box" included a picture book, a color pencil, and a panoramic map of the Imperial Palace. Huimo can also decorate your study as "one of the"scholar’s four jewels"", ink production is an integral part of Chinese culture, which is a wonderful ink ink in the traditional art. Huimo produced can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty, it has been a thousand years of history. In the exhibition site, 90 Anhui Mount Huangshan poly Hui ink heritage Xiang Weichen briefed reporters on the processing methods of ancient and modern design is how to spark. Xiang Weichen said, because the ink, the ink block once the market decline, but in the last two years with the rise of the cultural market in China, a lot of people again picked up the traditional ink block, "because it was found that the effect of many traditional ink to the ink is not to do." Xiang Weichen introduces, at present, the innovative design of traditional ink block mainly shapes and patterns, such as the traditional ink block to rectangular block, but the modern ink block can be designed with oval or other shapes, some are designed to craft ornaments." During the exhibition, Xiang Weichen displayed a piece of ink made of other screen ornaments to reporters, ornaments is 30 centimeters, all parts are made by ink, "made of wooden frame is on the edge of the seemingly ink." In poly ink shop, the reporter found more shapes and patterns of ornamental ink: book, table, vase peddler type, ladies, Arhats map…… In addition to the traditional China shapes and patterns, Xiang Weichen said, they also had the body shape of ink block, "once a foreign designer with our custom a finger type ink block, so we also developed many body shape ink block." As the organizer of the exhibition planning, Beijing Sheng Kai Li Yan, general manager of cultural development center, told reporters the situation of the overall exhibition. The exhibition is divided into two chapters: "re design of material and cultural heritage – Beijing Museum of creative products exchange exhibition" and"相关的主题文章:

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