Hurry to deliver goods shipment without license three electric motorized arrested

Hurry to deliver goods shipment without license three "electric motorized" arrested a few days express little brother in overtime to send you express. The teacher had seen "styled" news, recently heard "goods rush delivery"! This is the goods rush delivery, undocumented Juji; punishment inevitable, secure! The afternoon of November 13th at 3:18 PM, Wenzhou City Traffic Police Brigade squadron of police patrol in the city before the six Hongqiao Road intersection to yellow storage base along the road, found a Wupaiwuzheng tricycle after, then it stopped. Tricycle driver Weng not only unable to provide a driver’s license, vehicle can not provide proof of origin…… According to the teacher "understanding, Taishun man Weng Wenzhou is a courier company, when the crane was loaded with eager express delivery. Soared because of "double eleven" express, Weng where the courier business after receiving the delivery task, too busy to attend to all, after he was driving an electric tricycle on the road. After the traffic police detained Weng of a driving electric tricycle, and when sent to city society of automotive engineering identification, test results show that: the car light motorcycle type, belonging to the field of motor vehicle. In November 16th, Weng was the vehicle without obtaining a driving license for driving without a license plate on the road and other illegal activities, the traffic police department was sentenced to 5 days detention, a fine of 400 yuan.

快递小哥货急乱投递 无证驾驶三轮“电摩”被拘了这几天快递小哥都在加班加点给大家送快递。老师伯之前见过“病急乱投医”的新闻,最近却听说有人“货急乱投递”!这正是:货急乱投递,无证把车骑;处罚难免的,安全非儿戏!11月13日下午3时18分许,温州市交警一大队一中队民警在市区六虹桥路前黄路口至仓储基地一带路段巡逻时,发现一辆无牌无证电动三轮车经过,于是将其拦下。三轮车驾驶员翁某不仅无法提供驾驶证,也无法提供车辆来历证明……据老师伯了解,泰顺男子翁某是温州某快递公司的员工,当天车上载满了急着投递的快件。因“双十一”快件量猛增,翁某所在的快递公司业务应接不暇,在接到公司的派送任务后,他便驾驶着电动三轮车上路了。交警事后依法扣留了翁某驾驶的电动三轮车,并当即送交市汽车工程学会鉴定,检验结果显示:该车为轻便三轮摩托车类型,属机动车范畴。11月16日,翁某因未取得机动车驾驶证驾驶未悬挂号牌的机动车上路等违法行为,被交警部门依法处以5天拘留、400元罚款。相关的主题文章:

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