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"Jackie" Venice has returned   lead the global awards season — people.com.cn Entertainment Channel – "love" people.com.cn official poster of Toronto local time on September 11th, by the city Yi pictures BlissMedia two movie awards season officially unveiled at the forty-first Toronto International Film Festival and organized screenings. Just won the best screenplay award of the Venice Film Festival, by Oscar winner Natalie? Portman starred in the movie "Jackie" again in the International Film Festival shortlisted at the Toronto Film Festival Competition platform. At the same time, a subsidiary of Insiders global Xi Yi pictures produced and propaganda film "Loving" entered the film festival screenings panoramic unit. This is the two film after Cannes, Venice’s two largest European film festival for the first time to return to the "North American home", opened a new season global film awards season curtain. "Jackie" Venice returned Toronto, scored three by Natalie? Portman (Natalie Portman) suspense movie secret "Jackie" to lead the way for the two European class a International Film Festival, the first is vigorously pursued by overseas distributors in the sixty-ninth Cannes International Film Festival, triggered a global wave of panic buying, then in the just concluded Venice Film Festival, and overwhelmingly high reputation to become the festival’s popular award. The final "Jackie" to deliver the goods, from the main competition unit 20 outstanding finalists in the film won the best screenplay award, talent shows itself, fired the first whistle the "Austrian red". September 11th, as the first quarter of the presentation of the Olympic Games, the potential of the "Jackie" held in the North American premiere. This time, Jackie strong finalists North America home Toronto International Film Festival’s platform unit, so that this film festival and even the world’s most watched film awards season. It is reported that the "Jackie" from the "black swan" to build the original cast, Natalie? Starring Portman, Chilean genius director Pablo? Lalain directed film focus during the Kennedy assassination mystery heavy, about only 34 years old at the time of the first lady Jacqueline to face the pain of bereavement remains calm, ready to deal with political opponents the story. The North American Premiere of "Loving" won the praise of interracial marriage is reshaping the epic is excited, another from the same city Yi subsidiary Insiders global pictures produced and released the movie "Loving" publicity finalists with the Toronto International Film Festival, the film festival screenings in the panorama and the audience. Yesterday, the "Loving" held screenings in Toronto. Insiders as the first film, "Loving" by the media and industry attention, and then before the premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, including New York Times "," shine, "Vanity Fair", "Losangeles times", "the Hollywood journal" and other mainstream media, given the high degree of recognition, Daily Beast is also called "the United States the history of the most pure love story, like")相关的主题文章:

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