Jiaxing 27 year old man with a wife and woman claiming to be rich two generations of 2 years for 4 g yuanjiao

Jiaxing 27 year old man with a wife and woman claiming to be rich two generations of 2 years for 4 girlfriends cheated 400 thousand (Figure) chat record high 82 meters, driving a pair of sunglasses, wearing a clean white T, wearing a scarf out of young artists, from the Xiaoshan airport…… The whole tall handsome dress. As everyone knows, this beautiful handsome appearance just to cheat him around the female friends of money, the guise". September 28th just flew from Xi’an to Hangzhou, rich handsome – Zhang, I did not expect to get out of the airport gate, was waiting for a long time in South Lake police arrested. "Two generations of rich" two years "for" the 4 girlfriends have a saying: riding a white horse is not necessarily a prince charming, there may be Tang seng. In fact, in reality, the rich two generations are not necessarily really rich, it may be a liar. Zhang, Pinghu people, 27 years old, had a wife and daughter, but put aside with "love", know different girlfriend through the network, two years "for" 4 girlfriend, with all kinds of excuses to borrow money from his girlfriend, 4 girls were cheated four hundred thousand yuan. At the beginning of 2016, working in Xi’an Hebei girl Xiao Lu (a pseudonym) in a website with tour pal, tall and handsome boy Zhang sun, each other add friends, chat very joyous. That Zhang will travel to Xi’an after the two meet, met in a restaurant in Xi’an. Zhang told Xiao Lu, he is a wedding company in Zhejiang, Jiaxing, and business is good, since that Zhang’s appearance and economic ability is good, it is now the "two rich generation", and began to talk about a friend zhang. Period, Zhang to a variety of urgent needs of the business to borrow money to small Lu, and told Xiao Lu will be in a few days will be returned to her money. Thinking of her boyfriend is in urgent need of money, Xiao Lu will own savings and by bank transfer, cash payment, etc. Alipay gave Zhang, a total of more than 20 yuan. September 30th, the police clues, the suspect to fly back to Shaanxi from Zhejiang. In the afternoon, the South Lake District Public Security Bureau of emerging criminal investigation team police arrested the suspect Zhang at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. "At that time, there is a young woman who started all ignorant, later learned that her boyfriend is a liar, she was one of the victims." Police investigators Shen Jiankang said, he was only 50 dollars, the ticket is also a woman out of the money." It is understood that the small Lu is only two years of communication in which the 1 girls, as well as the other girls have been deceived by the other 3. In the face of 4 girl, Zhang is in a similar reason to the "girlfriend" to borrow money, but the money is borrowed is "". "Customers fell", need to remit money to the past chats flower (a pseudonym), is another "girlfriend Zhang fraud". In the second half of 2015, and Zhang met online flower. Through WeChat chat after a period of time that Zhang who is working in Pinghu at that time, Zhang also still in Pinghu, he met with a flower to meet, meet not talk a few words, Zhang received a phone call. "He hung up the phone and said his client was taking a picture of the wedding in Lijiang.相关的主题文章:

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