Ji’nan invested 191 billion 200 million to build the four centers to promote Zile regional cooperati invictus gaming

Ji’nan invested 191 billion 200 million to build the "four centers" to promote Zile regional cooperation as the economic circle of capital city group development of the main engine of Ji’nan, in the other 6 radiation at the same time, and comprehensively promote the construction of "four centers, modern city" work, and constantly improve their own "hard power". The "four centers" in Ji’nan to promote the smooth, from the Olympic road to the west, and now is a just demolition area. Soon after, the total area of about 3.2 square kilometers of land will be built on the central business district (CBD), construction area of 10 million square meters. "The momentum of a year, two years to see, a breakthrough in three years." This is the Ji’nan build around the platform for action four center "and the modern springs schedule for three years. To the central business district as a major breakthrough, the current, Ji’nan work in full swing, the rapid development. It is understood that Ji’nan will invest 191 billion 200 million yuan to promote the construction of regional economic center, regional financial center, regional logistics center, regional science and technology innovation center ", and strive to 3 years new industrial enterprises above Designated Size 300, services more than 200 enterprises. To promote the construction of regional economic center in Ji’nan to build a national, provincial key development carrier to strengthen regional strategic fulcrum, the focus of Qilu pharmaceutical biomedical industry park, Shanxi coal clean coal gasification technology transformation and upgrading of enterprises and other industrial projects 71, plans to invest 33 billion 600 million yuan this year. January – July, the growth rate of most of the economic indicators in Ji’nan reached or exceeded the provincial level, and showed an upward trend. The GDP growth rate and the province’s flat, above scale industrial added value growth rate for the first time exceeded the level of the province in recent years, the general public budget income, fixed assets investment, import and export value of three indicators of growth rate ranks second in the province. To promote the construction of regional financial center, urged the Han Yu Valley dislocation interaction development. The focus of the calendar under the financial and business service center, China life building 6 financial projects, to promote Shandong’s new financial center, Han Yu Valley dislocation interaction development. 2016 plans to invest 1 billion 300 million yuan. To promote the construction of regional logistics center, as of now, 21 municipal key logistics projects have been started in 16, of which the completion of the project put into use in 8, rookie logistics projects signed landing. Promote the construction of regional science and technology innovation center, the high standard to create two city valley two". Focus on the construction of intelligent Valley Information Software Industrial Park, innovation Valley accelerator and other 14 projects, plans to invest 5 billion 400 million yuan in 2016. Cultivate a new carrier of urban economy this year, Ji’nan efforts to cultivate new industries. Vigorously promote the technology and industry of quantum communication and big data and other cutting-edge fusion, the success of the second China Smart City Innovation Conference, the introduction of relevant views, promote the informationization development of related industries, and strive to create a national demonstration zone "Internet plus". Develop and implement < China made 2025> Ji’nan action plan. In the development of modern service industry, Ji’nan increase the introduction of financial institutions to promote the healthy development of the financial sector, to create a comprehensive financial management center, financial institutions, financial settlement center, financial.相关的主题文章:

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