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Lady Gaga album "Joanne" won the album chart champion Lady GaGa new album won the billboard Sina entertainment news Beijing on October 31st news, according to foreign media reports, in the latest week on the U.S. billboard album charts in Billboard 200, Lady Gaga won the championship fourth times since her debut, the total sales of her new studio album "Joanne" on the first week on two hundred and one thousand of the success of the top sales performance higher than the previous forecast of the industry. U.S. local time on October 21st, Lady GaGa this "Joanne" by Streamline Interscope officially issued. In order to promote the Zhang Quanxin album, Lady GaGa participated in many TV shows and other performances, in addition, she has been confirmed in the early 2017’s Super Bowl halftime show finale link. "Joanne" is Lady GaGa’s fourth billboard album, before this, her first three albums were a champion in 2014 and Toni Bennett (Tony Bennett) "Cheek to Cheek" cooperation, in 2013 the "Artpop" and "Born This Way" in 2011. It is worth mentioning that the "Joanne" in the United States listed first week total sales of more than two hundred thousand more than the media expected this month 25 days, insiders predict that the album’s first week sales in the United States would be around about one hundred and eighty thousand. In 2016, the United States record market, two hundred and one thousand single week total sales in the year so far the fourth. In all the album this year, Canadian rapper Drake (Drake) of the "Views" in a single week one million and forty thousand of the total sales volume ranked first, Beyonce (Beyonce) of the "Lemonade" Frank and Ocean "Blonde" in the first week sales were six hundred and fifty-three thousand and two hundred and seventy-six thousand, respectively in second and third. "Joanne" in the first week of sales, traditional album sales accounted for one hundred and seventy thousand, in this year, is currently ranked seventh in the all female singers, ranked second. The album sales is still the highest pure Drake (Drake) of the "Views", listed on the first week sold eight hundred and fifty-two thousand copies. Beyonce ranked first in the female singer, Lemonade sold a total of four hundred and eighty-five thousand in the first week. Followed by Frank Ocean’s "Blonde", David Bowie (David Bowie) was the last album "Blackstar" and Radiohead (Radiohead) the latest album "A Moon Shaped Pool" ranked third to fifth. After 2010, Lady Gaga was the first)相关的主题文章:

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