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Ma Guangyuan: first-tier cities housing prices rose   due to insufficient supply of real estate — original title: first-tier cities prices rise because of insufficient supply I clearly remember in September 30, 2014, was in the real estate market downturn, the number of 70 large and medium-sized city house prices rose in the city for the case of zero adjustment, the people’s Bank of the first suite of recognized standards fired the first shot, the central government bailout. I wrote the article in the first time, not every wild lily will have a spring, wrote: first tier cities, hot cities and the population of the city into the future, demand is still strong, inventory is not a problem. Once the frenzied policy to rescue the market, you must also have to buy a house". The reason for this is simple, these three types of cities in the future is still a net inflow of population in the region, the demand for long-term housing in a strong state, once the policy to pick up, prices naturally rise back to the trend. This year, the basic logic of the price is a supply shortage caused retaliatory rise". Despite the high clear warning of real estate bubble, clearly put forward to "curb asset price", but the future real estate trend is mainly affected by the relationship between supply and demand, rather than policy adjustment or price bubble. For those land supply is not enough, the new construction area of the city is not enough, although prices have been scared, but I am afraid that will still be in the cycle of rising. A case study of the real estate market in Beijing. Beijing this year, prices rose in the second half of the year, full of stamina, a variety of factors to support the prices are expected to house prices may not stop. Judge Beijing prices should focus on three indicators: first, the land market. In addition to this year in March, Daxing out a king, the land market is not Shanghai, Shenzhen and the new four dragons so hot, the fundamental reason is that this year, Beijing land market supply decline. Data show that from May to date, Beijing land market has not been a piece of land for 3 consecutive months. Not because Beijing is available, but because this year in Beijing to achieve strict control of land supply policy, a clear new construction land control within 1850 hectares. Two investment in real estate development. The first 7 months, Beijing completed real estate development investment of $200 billion 210 million, down by 9.6%. This means that, in the case of demand and turnover rose, the future supply is still in a downward channel. August, Beijing only two residential projects into the market, a total of two new residential projects in. Three is inventory. Since August, Beijing’s residential inventory fell to 60 thousand sets. Beijing City real estate transaction management network data show that as of August 30th, Beijing can remain the sale of forward delivery housing of 28932 residential units, an area of about 3 million 987 thousand square meters, sell Xianfang residential units for 32450 units, sales area of about 4 million 161 thousand square meters. According to the more than 10 thousand sets of monthly signings, go to the library period of less than 5 months, while Beijing is the second-hand housing market has played a major role, but the inventory of new homes in an emergency, is bound to the future price formation pressure of rising greatly. The above three indicators constitute the most powerful support for the rise in housing prices in Beijing. As far as possible)相关的主题文章:

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