Meishan small yellow King won the Paralympic Games four gold is expected to become pan Wen Wang hard yo te amo

Meishan small yellow King won the Paralympic Games four gold is expected to become pan Wen Wang hardware (map) record – he won 4 gold and 1 silver – he broke the world record 4 times – he’s won the most gold medals in Sichuan Paralympic athletes delegation Paralympic history: swimming S3 men’s 50 meter freestyle, 50 meter backstroke, 50 meters 200 m breaststroke, freestyle, 150 meter medley, mixed freestyle relay. Had the best score of the Ninth National Paralympic men’s S3 class 50 meters freestyle, 100 m freestyle men’s S3 class, S3 class men’s 200 meter freestyle, 50 meter breaststroke gold medal in the men’s SB2 class (in the Paralympic Games in the "S" is the freestyle, backstroke, butterfly sign, according to the different residual limb the degree of disease is divided into S1 S10 ten levels, the higher the degree of disability with smaller values). Beijing time on September 16th, from Sichuan to Meishan (micro-blog) guy Huang Wenpan won the gold medal in the men’s 200 metres freestyle S3 game, this is Huang Wenpan in Rio to harvest fourth gold medals, at present, Huang Wenpan has won 4 gold medals and 1 silver medals at the Paralympic Games, and broke the world record 4 times, known "water fish". As of 16, when the Sichuan athletes have been removed for the Chinese sports delegation of 7 gold, 3 silver, 1 copper, 17. As of now, the Chengdu Daily reporter learned from Meishan City CDPF, born in 1995 Huang Wenpan is the Sichuan delegation to participate in the Paralympic Games gold medals, is also the Sichuan delegation to participate in the Paralympic Games in history to win the most gold medals athletes. Next, Huang Wenpan has 1 games, at present, he is actively preparing for more honor, in return for years of support from all walks of life. A study of table tennis coach began to change the swimming practice yesterday, Huang Wenpan’s parents are still immersed in the joy of the son of gold, in their view, this is the son sent best Mid Autumn Festival gift. They never thought that Huang Wenpan would have a day. Because since birth, Huang Wenpan’s legs and lumbar spine will not have any feeling, the left hand action is very stiff, only the right hand is relatively easy to use but also can not reach the normal level. Huang Wenpan is actually only a right hand to complete the game, his disability level than the same level of other opponents are serious. In the past 14 years, Huang Wenpan is a "swim", 2009, Hongya County FIMITIC sports seedling, 14 year old Huang Wenpan was the first coach Tang Tifang fancy, let Huang Wenpan give up a first choice of table tennis, began to participate in swimming training. At first, because the water is not good enough, just began to learn to swim, Huang Wenpan will lose the focus of a water, can not stand firm, waist can not move, can only rely on the strength of two arms. The coach then dragged his body floating, pull, let him practice exercises in the mouth outside ventilation. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of hard work to be done for a long time. "Because the legs inconvenient, injury, cramps, choking water is common, especially in the winter is especially cold. Thanks to the guidance of coach patience and encouragement, and meticulous care, it let me keep it up." Huang Wenpan said, Lane 50 meters long, from the record相关的主题文章:

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