Meranti by Fuzhou much affected the direct economic loss of 50 million yuan windjview

"Meranti" by Fuzhou much affected the direct economic loss of 50 million yuan in September 16th, the Fuzhou daily news (reporter Huang Ling) reporter yesterday from the municipal flood control and drought relief headquarters was informed that, according to preliminary investigation, as of noon yesterday, the strong typhoon "Meranti" wind city direct economic loss of 56 million 610 thousand yuan. Affected by heavy rainfall and astronomical tide influence, yesterday morning, the water level of inland city rose intrusion, Gulou District Road 54 kilometer waterlogging, fufei through culverts, Ocean east community, 61 road sections flooded, Lianjiang County, Changle City, Jinan District, Minhou County, the serious. City flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters deputy commander Chen Jibin, the typhoon, the heavy rainfall mainly concentrated in the north of the city, the meteorological department statistics, north area 3 hours rainfall of up to 180 mm, the other area of the northern 3 hour rainfall of 150 mm or so commonly. Heavy rainfall caused flash floods in the north, more than and 60 square kilometers area of rainwater accumulation to Jinan District Township new stores, the maximum inundation depth of 50 cm, the rainwater flowing Qinting lake, the lake before the river and ocean consistent River empties into the Jinan River, resulting in Jinan River jumped over 3 meters, the warning level, resulting in 61 road and 54 road flooded. The north of the city after the occurrence of flood situation, city flood control and drought relief headquarters immediately dispatch Cangshan, Taijiang rescue team of more than 1 thousand people, more than and 100 sets of equipment to the drum tower and the new town disaster relief, yesterday afternoon, the city flood were normal. According to the county (city) District of preliminary investigation, as of yesterday afternoon, the city’s total of 7 counties (city) District, 72 towns affected, the affected population of 13 thousand and 185 people, the transfer of population 51 thousand and 485 people, 40 houses collapsed, crops affected area of 25 thousand and 308 acres, highway interrupted 32, production of industrial enterprises 23, the city’s feeder fault 143, communications interrupted 13 times, damaged dikes 23 1.62 km, damaged revetment 53, 117 damaged irrigation facilities, the city’s direct economic losses amounted to 56 million 610 thousand yuan. The 32 Department of highway tolls caused traffic blocking (including Highway 1, highway 1, highway 3, county road 25), destroyed a bridge (copycat village of Yongtai Fu Kou). Has been robbed 7, the remaining 25 are rushing through. Urban roads due to water traffic caused by blocking 12, has now all rush through. Power and communication repair, the feeder fault 143, has been restored 113 (recovery rate 79.02%), the effect of low-voltage users to 419 thousand, has been restored 365 thousand (recovery rate 87.1%), the affected areas of life electricity production is gradually restored. The city’s total of 3 towns (township, township, Huan, Shoushan township) communication tolls blocked, China Unicom, mobile has been reopened, Huan Xi Xiang Shoushan township level communication, Telecom has reopened Huan township level communication.相关的主题文章:

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