Millennium Venus sculpture thumb broken and re connected has been re displayed sweets parade

Thousands of years, Venus sculpture thumb broken and has been re displayed according to foreign media reports, in 2015, the statue of an ancient statue of Rome, British Museum, London, the thumb was knocked off, has now been repaired by a good repair. According to reports, in December 2015, Greece in the British Museum Rome Museum has been leased to hold a private banquet, a waiter in this statue is called Dan Leigh Venus (Townley Venus) a marble sculpture under the squat work, and accidentally hit it right. Reported that after the event, the museum did not quiet, now news came out. Venus’s right thumb was knocked off and landed on the ground. British Museum spokesman said that it was an accident, the museum attaches great importance to this. The Museum of cultural relics restoration experts have put Venus’s finger to pick up the sculpture, to display to the public. After the accident, the personnel responsible for organizing the museum were re trained. It is understood that the Tang Dynasty Leigh Venus marble sculpture in the age of about AD 1 to second Century, is the year of fourth Century BC, the Greek version of the imitation of. This statue unearthed ancient Rome marble statue of Eros in 1775 public baths site in the port city of Rome, which, by the British collector Charles Townley bought. In 1805, Dan Leigh Venus sold to British Museum, before entering the ring finger has been lost.相关的主题文章:

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