Multi comparison Jasper how can the various grades and ranks

Multi comparison of Jasper what to look for when it comes to various grades and ranks of Jasper, everyone may not be familiar and nephrite jade is also very deep, in fact, and a variety of jade, jade culture is my first one in the history of the earliest use and understanding of the important jade know, has a history of six thousand years. Jasper shows a translucent, spinach green color, delicate texture, luster and soft, fat or waxy luster, rarely have flaws, but there are black spots (refers to a basic, chrome spinel) which is also a characteristic of jade. The above four only if you buy bracelets will choose which one? Next, a small pan through the four ring to tell you about how to choose jasper! Let’s look at the pictures and learn knowledge! The ring is on the right side of the above one, Jasper can obviously see the dark color, and the color is not bright enough, uneven, some places too deep or too shallow, many spots throughout, this quality of general price between 1000-2000 yuan. 1000 yuan jade bracelet look back on the right side of the second, the same color of some dark, not all, but to have a lot of bright color than black, and there is much less, only sporadic distribution. This jade bracelet in the general price between 3000-4000 yuan. The left is between 3000-4000 yuan; right 1000-2000 yuan then look down on the right side of the third, to see a lot of bright color, smooth degree is also good, almost can not see the presence of black spots, but the color uniformity is not enough. The quality of the price is generally between 7000-8000 yuan. To see the left only, bright green color, showing the same overall color, no part of the bright part of the dark place, the surface is clean, no spots, smooth degree good, very rare, of course, the price is the highest, at 20000 yuan. The left 20000 yuan; the right is 7000-8000 yuan to look at a more intuitive comparison ~ left for about 20000 yuan; the right to 1000-2000 yuan between the ring, you should have a certain understanding of the choice of Jasper, pen to give you up: 1. Look at the color with bright colors as well: but there are mountain material of seed material and seed material, the color itself is a deep rich green, and not to identify. The color uniformity is good: uniformity of color also determines the quality of the jade, try not to choose the depth of the overall look of flowers. 2. Look at the black spots to clean as well: whether or mountain material jade seed material, most of them will have black spots, so there is no black or black jade not very rare. 3. Run the degree of smoothness is good: high density and hardness and better smoothness of jade, it is also better, do not see the obvious sense of jade fiber structure, uniform clean, high luster. The current market there are many gold jade jewelry, many friends will think this kind of jade is flawed, in fact, made the jade jade itself is not)相关的主题文章:

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